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Korean Mr.Man-hee Lee's Peace Trip 1 Preface

"Lord, Please be with us on the way to the cessation of the war and peace!"

    BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, August 08, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Mr. Man-hee Lee, the chairman of the Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL), is the attention of a breakthrough peace achievement by presenting answers of achieving peace such as "the enactment of international law on ending war" and "religious unification." He, who is also a Korean War veteran, is joining the peace movement, saying, "Let's achieve a peaceful world without war and pass it down to future generations as an eternal legacy." Mr. Man-hee Lee, a Korean peace activist who gave touching and hope to the global community with a message of "peace, we can do it," will shed new light on the peace trip from the first to the 31st.

"Father God, the creator of heaven and earth. We are going to deliver the will of God and Jesus to Philippine on January 23 in the 31st year of the New Heaven (2014). Please be with us. We can't do anything by ourselves. If Father God and the victorious Jesus are together, I ask you and believe that everything will be great. I will do my best for my father's will and glory.

Father God, I earnestly ask you with both hands and my heart. Please protect every single member of Shincheonji family from being thrown out. Heavenly angels, please protect us. And I hope that you will be honored to be with us and by showing your honor fully. Wherever I meet, I will do my best to show my father's great glory. I'm going in the name of Father, Jesus, and Heaven.
23 January 2014"

On 23 January, 2014, Mr.Man-hee Lee, chairman of the Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL), wrote an earnest prayer for Mindanao, Philippines, the land of conflict. He is also the leader of the Shincheonji Jesus Church. Mr.Man-hee Lee wrote such an earnest prayer before going on a peace trip in each time after receiving a heavenly task to "make peace and end the war in the global village." A prayer written on paper is still full on the side of the wall of his bedroom. The main content of the letter he wrote every time, when he went on a peace trip was "God and Jesus, please be with me together." Was it thanks to prayer? Wherever he went, there were amazing achievements. Whoever met Mr.Man-hee Lee treated him cordially and promised to participate HWPL's peace movement.

Mindanao Civil Peace Agreement, which is considered the most groundbreaking achievement, was also made amid a sense of task to complete the task of achieving peace and an earnest prayer of "Be with me". Representative Mr.Man-hee Lee was asked by Catholic Archbishop, Antonio Redesma Cagayandeo to resolve the Mindanao dispute during his peace trip to Philippines in September 2013. At that time, he had to risk his life to visit the area because a dispute between Catholics and Muslims was ongoing. "I couldn't help but go as a peace activist when I was requested to come for peace," he later confessed.

After deciding to visit Mindanao, he prayed earnestly. Then he arrived in Mindanao on 24 January, 2014. He was 84 years old. Chairman Man-hee Lee criticized the local Catholic and Islamic leader, who has been at odds with the excuse of their religion and word for more than 40 years, and stressed that "God's will is peace, not conflict." And "Raise your hand if you want peace." When all the participants raised their hands, they said, "Then come out and sign this Peace Agreement."

The 'civilian peace agreement' which opened the beginning of the end of the 40-year bloody conflict in Mindanao, was miraculously achieved. The locals said, "Mr.Man-hee Lee who risked his lives to other countries at the age of 84 for peace and politicians were different." "Mr.Man-hee Lee's sincerity has fulfilled." Chairman Man-hee Lee said, "God fulfilled peace through me."

• "I've seen the light with you"
Chairman Man-hee Lee met those who said, "I saw the light above you." several times during his peace trip. He said, "God told me through them that he was with me." In fact, he left an incredible achievement for a civilian peace activist on every tour. During the peace trip, which lasted from the first in 2012 to the 31st in 2019, people from all walks of life, including former and current presidents, chief justice, speaker of the National Assembly, and university presidents who Mr.Man-Hee Lee met, promised to work with HWPL. These people attended the 'Peace International Conference' held in Korea in September 2014. Through the Peace International Conference, it was widely known to the international community that HWPL is the only peace organization that will achieve "peace and cessation of war." Since then, his peace moves have become busier.

Chairman Man-hee Lee gathered leading jurists who met on his peace trip and launched the HWPL Peace International Law Committee, which consists of 21 people, in September 2015 for the 'First Anniversary of the Peace International Conference'. On 14 March of the following year, the International Law Commission created 10 articles and 38 clauses of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), which will be the basis of the "International Law on End of War and Peace," and published it to the world. After the announcement of DPCW, Lee's peace trip focused on promoting "DPCW" to the international community and appealing for support. As a result, it has gained support from 55 African countries and has almost completed basic requirements for introducing to the U.N. Chairman Man-hee Lee is joining the peace movement, saying, "Let's achieve a peaceful world without war and hand it down to future generations as an eternal heritage."

This newspaper sheds light on chairman Man-hee Lee's peace trip from the first to the 31st, which made mankind who regarded peace is impossible think that peace is possible.

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