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Despite Getting COVID 19, Vaccinated Author of "Untruthful Speech" Encourages Others to Get Vaccinated

A fictional novel about the development of COVID Vaccines

    EDMOND, OK, August 20, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In a life intimates art scenario, Ron Cisneros, the co-author of "Untruthful Speech," a fictional story about a super coronavirus vaccine, was infected with the Covid virus despite getting fully vaccinated. Ron was tested on August 10 as a precaution before seeing his granddaughter for the upcoming weekend. To his surprise, he tested positive, although he showed no symptoms other than a minor sore throat which he attributed to allergies. Ten days in, Ron has not shown any other symptoms and has since tested negative. He is certain the vaccine played a significant role in not getting seriously ill.

Ron and his co-author Michael Padjen launched their new book titled "Untruthful Speech, A Nick Griego Story" on March 17, 2021". The story is about the theft of a formula for a super coronavirus vaccine developed in a secret lab in the US. The purpose of selling it to the highest bidder on the global black market. A team is assembled to secure the stolen formula before the next pandemic strikes. The title was inspired by the doctor in Wuhan, China, who first sounded the Covid-19 alarm, only to be censored, charged with untruthful speech, and jailed. He later died of Covid-19.

Although Ron lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, and Mike in Greensboro, North Carolina, their miles did not stop them from writing their book, nor did Mike's battle with Multiple Myeloma, who chronicled it in an impressive blog. Recognizing his friend's talent, Ron, who had already started writing the story, sent his first chapter to Mike to read and a challenge for him to write the second chapter. Mike accepted the challenge and sent the second chapter to Ron about a week later taking the story in an unexpected direction. That's when the volleying took on momentum. Ron wrote the next chapter and sent it to Mike. This relay continued for months until they finally agreed to have daily conversations discussing the characters and where to take their story. Nine months later, the result was a novel about the development and theft of a coronavirus vaccine taking place in 2019.

Although their story is fictional, it is a timely topic, especially with the approval and success of the Covid vaccines in 2021. Both authors are grateful for the vaccines. Despite the rise of the Delta variant, they are hopeful more lives will be saved. Mike is ecstatic that his co-author has recovered, and they both support getting vaccinated.

Ron and Mike grew up in Midvale, a small town in Utah, and both graduated from Hillcrest Highschool. After graduation, Ron attended the University of Central Oklahoma, and Mike moved to North Carolina after graduating from The University of Utah. They have started their second book of the Nick Griego series. They are writing about global cyber-attacks this time, but be assured that there will be some significant twists and turns you won't expect.

You can find their book on Amazon. For more information about the authors and their book, you can call (405) 436-9655 or email them at [email protected]. Visit their website at

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