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TelosCoin | Expanding its Reach with CryptoPAD and Offering Free Internet Plus Calls in 205 Countries

    DUISBURG, GERMANY, August 23, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Now with TelosCoin, users can pay for a Trading Carddeck on CryptoMages and participate in the game. TelosCoin has also suited up to include GAIA CryptoPAD on its network and offer optional purchase of M2M Sim Card, exclusively for the GAIA CryptoPAD and Bluebox device. The Crypto Pad, which has optional internet accessibility in over 205 countries, in combination with the M2M Sim provides free calls and free mobile internet by utilizing a shared Bandwidth Pool paid by Network based revenues. The TelosCoin community can actively harness the capabilities created by these devices by staking TELOS or mining XBTX. The CryptoMages game will soon become part of the Transcendence dashboard (the default UI of this WINDOWS powered Tablet), offering better accessibility to the community and utilizing the build in NFT to connect the real world with the digital Trading Card NFT's. Also the Tablet can be used to act as Point of Sale system for Crypto enthusiasts running a business.

GAIA CryptoPad and M2M Sim Card
The GAIA crypto pad has been built with an idea to run Masternodes, Mining and staking on the same and provide enough power for mining operations. The TelosCoin community now has the option to buy the GAIA Crypto Pad with Telos tokens plus, it is suitable to run the operations related to the Transcendence blockchain.

The GAIA Crypto Pads and Blueboxes have the option to upgrade optionally by bunying the M2M SIM-Card for a one time fee and get free calls over plus mobile internet. On top of this, it also generates passive income for the TelosCoin and XBTX communities.

The first 100 CryptoPads bought from different shops (in total 300 at a discount) will receive a special gift in the form of 100,000 TELOS coins to be ready for Staking or running a Masternode. The users can utilize these coins to set up their masternode from their CryptoPAD.

The second benefit for the first 300 CryptoPAD buyers is that they will receive a random standard carddeck for CryptoMages. CryptoMages works as a NFT based trading card game that also has a marketplace that can be leveraged by card designers and holders to create their carddecks. The same can be sold on the platform against TELOS Coin and XBTX.

At present, TelosCoin is working on 2 Cryptomages special sets and the sketches are already released. These carddecks are inspired by the upcoming German elections. The cards will be based on politicians contesting elections in Germany.

Free Calls and Internet With Bluebox
With the GAIA CryptoPAD and Bluebox powered M2M Integration, the users will optionally get an M2M sim card, which provides the ability to activate 2G/3G/4G cellular and internet facilities in over 205 countries.

These services are provided after paying a one-time fee, and the users can also buy a 3G/4G WiFi router for the Blueboxes that is payable with TELOS coin.

Bringing the NFT and Crypto Transactions to the Real World
TELOS Coin, by way of its GAIA CryptoPADs, will also release branded Tangem Cards. The ones connected to TELOS are the Ultra Rare cards that are physically connected to the XBXT blockchain.

The users can gift the Tangem Cards to another user and also change the ownership of the keys. This becomes one of the few instances of a real connection between the real and crypto world.

About TELOS Coin
TELOS Coin represents financial freedom and, with it, personal freedom powered by the Transcendence blockchain. TELOS Coin has become an acceptable medium of exchange on several platforms and donations. It also has a 5-tier masternode starting from a 100,000 TELOS coin collateral. Also currently the DAO platform of TELOS holds a Voting about introducing a Lottery-Block with 300000 TELOS Reward to attract newcomers to the world of Staking and Masternodes. With the integration of TELOS Coin and XBTX on the GAIA CryptoPAD and its connectivity to M2M SIM and Tangem cards, the circle of TELOS has expanded to new levels. The users can now enjoy free internet, phone calls over the Internet, and share crypto-backed cards with another person digitally or in the real world.

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