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Self-Righteous Indignation and Alcohol And Drug Addiction: Change or Die Says Harriet Hunter, Award-Winning Author Of 'Miracles of Recovery'

Hunter's award-winning book, Miracles Of Recovery, became the first place recipient of the coveted President's Award in nonfiction from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association. Miracles features 365 powerful daily inspirations

    WILMINGTON, NC, August 26, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Self righteous indignation is a state is which a person attempts to bring himself up by putting others down. John Mark Green stated, "The self-righteous scream judgements against others to hide the noise of skeletons dancing in their own closets."

Harriet Hunter, award-winning author of "Miracles of Recovery: Daily Meditations of Hope, Courage and Faith" believes self-righteous indignation bears a close relationship in the personality of someone addicted. However, in the case of the person addicted, the end result can be death.

"I've heard it said that self-righteous indignation, especially for addicts/alcoholics active in their disease, is akin to playing Russian roulette." Hunter stated. "No matter how many times the revolver spins, that bullet is always pointing back at us. It's the other person that is the instigator of terror and we have no power to change even the best of us, let alone someone with this tense personality.

"This personality quirk couldn't be more threatening to others than to the person using. Imagine the pressure of working with a person so self-righteous day in and day out while using and acting-out emotionally at the same time? A person who is so self-absorbed, full of resentment and anger, sees him or herself sitting at the right hand of God to begin with, oblivious to any wrongdoing. The bigger the affront to someone the person so indignant is, the greater the shield they wield. Nothing at all can stick to one so self-righteous, and that's the point. The point is to keep others away while they steal the show under the lights of their own self-righteous indignation, regardless of who is offended. In the eyes of the offender, more obnoxious behavior is better, as he is free then to steal the show.

"Add to this the fact that in the throws of their addition, disruption and often bizarre outbursts. To one so emotionally immature, the ramifications of imagining anyone can reach them in this deluded state makes them all the more dangerous. That's what self-righteousness can be for some of us, an acting out of the most grievous kind of emotional abuse.

"Most often, in order for the perpetrator to change their behavior, it first has to be acknowledged as a problem for them or the problem doesn't exist, since they are the only one that can change. They must need to experience a profound personal change, and for someone entrenched in self-righteous indignation and indulgent in drugs and alcohol, that is quite the tall order. It must be their idea, their effort, and their timing. They must want this change more than they want to live. Because without change they can watch their life deteriorate emotionally, spiritually, and physically, before their eyes but cannot accept what they see. Denial keeps them on a deathwalk to oblivion of their own making."

"At their best, someone full of self-righteous indignation is ignorant, defiant and extraordinarily convinced they are in the right, not just some of the time, but all of the time. They become callous, with emotions so hard-boiled they may appear detached and unapologetic. And if this person is your counterpart at work? You will never win an argument, or a position, or have the opportunity to be right. Not only will the self-righteous individual never be wrong, he or she will claim that the glory is theirs, regardless of what little part they planned in the event. To attain the claim to fame they believe is due, those with extreme self-righteous indignation sometimes imagines that an event or situation was their idea, their hard work, their overachieving perfectionistic efforts that saved the day.

"How can this be you ask? Because someone so maladjusted and stuck in this self-righteous wheel cage of one, believes they will crumble if they were found to be incorrect. So, they go instead to any lengths to prove otherwise by manipulating their partners at home or at work, they try to win through intimidation, they lie, and they cheat. And then, they smile at having succeeded yet again for getting what they perceive they deserve.

"At their worst, the addicted man or woman can become dangerously volatile at work, as anger overflows without guilt to friends and/or with family. If they feel cornered, there is no limit to their imaginings."

What recourse do friends or family have in dealing with this type personality defect?

• See if they will agree to counseling. If they agree to this, they may agree to addressing their addictions as well.
• Stay away from them. In extreme situations this is always the best recourse. Let Go of the situation being addressed and walk away or say something uncommitted such as, "You know you could be right," and then walk away.

A friend reminds that, "what works is to ask in a prayer to "Help Me Look at this Situation,( this Person or thing,) Differently."

Harriet goes on to say that, "No matter the situation, the single fundamental fact everyone around the person is that any change necessary must come from the person exhibiting self-righteous indignation. We have no power whatsoever to change an individual's mind, except to incite that person all the more.

More information and many related resources are available at no charge at Hunter's website at

While there are many treatment approaches and programs, what is common to all successful individuals within a substance abuse program is the shared pain and the loneliness, oftentimes with an ongoing support system for the person battling the disease. That support system is what Harriet Hunter offers in "Miracles of Recovery: Daily Meditations of Hope, Courage and Faith."

Featuring 365-daily inspirations. Miracles of Recovery was written not just for those addicted, but for the parents, the spouses - anyone touched by the disease because addiction is absolutely a family affair. Using the foundation of 12-Step Recovery, Miracles of Recovery embraces holistic suggestions as a practical approach for those who must face life on life's terms, clean and sober. Encouraging and thought-provoking, Miracles of Recovery inspires with Universal Truths, "because," Harriet says, "Once we know better, we do better."

Miracles of Recovery is written to show through personal examples how to achieve long-term sobriety by embracing new behavior and positive reinforcement, regardless of what happens in one's life. She offers a personal, sometimes raw reflection of the truth about addiction seldom seen elsewhere.

The new book encourages readers to embrace healthy, positive thoughts by taking actions necessary to reinforce a new way of thinking. Tools necessary to maintain sobriety and change one's life through changing one's perspective are also proposed. It suggests that readers "Do life differently," through exercises, solutions, and methods to improve self-esteem, confidence, and embrace a profound sense of hope needed to succeed. The author spurs the reader to embrace the belief that, regardless of challenges life presents, "NOTHING can change the course of recovery when you keep yourself, your sobriety, and your Higher Power first in your lives." In short, Miracles of Recovery offers hope where there is none through a simple program of actions for complicated people.

Hunter has received rave reviews for her work from readers and reviewers alike. Vernita Taylor of Readers Favorite stated, "Miracles of Recovery: Daily Meditations of Hope, Courage, and Faith by Harriet Hunter is a great choice if you're struggling with addiction because it offers a full year of inspiration and affirmations which I enjoyed. I see this book as a mentor or sponsor that is walking by your side and helping to lead you to a better, more improved you while teaching you how to deal with your stressors. The best teacher is someone who has been there and done that, and this book doesn't disappoint. The author knows first-hand what it takes and how it feels to be addicted, and the journey to recovery. If you need help along your journey, pick up a copy of this book; it's highly recommended."

Anthony Capozzolli of Dismantled Life Podcast said, "Miracles of Recovery has been a feast for my recovering soul. Every page is filled with love and helpful insights that lead to discovery. I read each page by date and randomly turn to other pages for an additional spiritual hug when I need one. It's almost as if Harriet wrote her wonderful book for me. Page after page hits so close to home I often tear up from positive awareness and clarity of emotion."

Miracles of Recovery received the first place President's Award in nonfiction from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.

Since her walk into recovery in 1999, Harriet has had one primary purpose: to show others how they can achieve their miracles while staying sober with a vision and determination to never go backwards, one day at a time.

Using her experience strength and hope, Harriet strives to be a conduit of encouragement to others in their disease of alcoholism and drugs of choice, by showing them what continues to work. With practical tools, principles and promises as found in A.A., and other 12-step programs, she mirrors examples of how anyone can be free from the bondage of self, regardless of their situation.

With a purchase of a signed copy of Miracles of Recovery from her website, Hunter provides a no-charge copy of "Your Daily Reprieve; How To Maintain Long-Term Sobriety Serenely Just For Today" in PDF format.

Harriet Hunter has developed a six-module course for individuals who thrive on personal insight and emotional growth as they seek to connect the dots of their lives. Journaling with a Purpose! is a thought-provoking, sometimes intensive exercise for self-seekers who want more from lives. Its focus is both emotionally therapeutic and entertaining, as participants look inside themselves for resilient, positive changes to solutions and characteristics they expect more from. Harriet is never far away. She hosts web-based meetings, while delivering videos, offers no-charge gifts, handouts and many prompts that encourages and explains what the writer can expect with each module.

Additionally, a new Miracles of Recovery ZOOM meeting is held the 1st Fridays of the month. More on this topic is available at her website at

Harriet Hunter is available for media interviews and speaking engagements and can be contacted using the information below or by email at [email protected]. More information, including the journaling course, no-charge audios, ebooks, handouts and other gifts can be found by visiting

About Harriet Hunter:

With over 21 years of sobriety, Harriet has worked with hundreds of women who suffer with alcoholism and drug addiction to help them find peace in active sobriety. She facilitates AA meetings for women incarcerated, and sponsors women both face-to-face and on line. Readers can find her in the global recovery site,, where she's been given her own room and brings Miracles to life each Sunday at 2;00 P.M. EST.

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