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Service Dog Training School International has made their Intensive Service Dog Training Course e-learning

SDTSI has revolutionized their Intensive Service Dog Training Course to be taken completely online, breaking off any space and time limitation, while successfully preserving their high efficacy.

    DUBLIN, IRELAND, September 01, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- To overcome covid-19 pandemic limitations, as well as to meet the high demand of service dog training applicants from all around the world, SDTSI has decided to upgrade their Certified Intensive Service Dog Training Course to be available completely online.

The development of this online course posed many challenges, first and foremost how to obviate the need of an instructor in presence, without affecting the efficacy of the training and slowing down the learning pace. SDTSI team, thanks to their many years of consolidated experience in service dog training, with the addition of commonly used modern technologies, has been able to effectively organize the course in small and easy achievable steps, which can be easily assimilated by the "students" and can be readily verified by the tutors during the one-on-one sessions.

SDTSI Intensive Service Dog Training Course, once rendered online, has reached a higher level of convenience. The course can be accessed anywhere, anytime; lessons can be handily reviewed at one's will, and most importantly, every student can take the course at his/her own pace, adapting it to their daily schedule, thus becoming less stressful and more enjoyable. Providing the same competence with ease.

The online version of SDTSI Certified Intensive Service Dog Training Course is structured into 8 distinct modules, which can be completed in 10 weeks, approximately 120 hours. The modules contents vary from theoretical knowledge, which is preparatory to the practical training, such as information about dog's learning process, service dog's capabilities and limitations, learning how to interpret dogs' body language, and so on. And practical training, like Eye Contact, Focus, Be Quiet, Opening and Closing, Standing Up and Pushing a Cart, and all the other training required to service dogs.

The course ends with a Public Access Test, where the instructor will evaluate if the dog has mastered all the capabilities requisite of a certified service dog, and if so, provide the Service Dog Certification.

The course is aimed at people who are decided to train their own service dog, to assist themselves or others, and to people who want to start a career as service dog trainers to help others with training. No specific experience or qualification is required for taking this service dog training course. Interested individuals can easily register on the Service Dog Training School International website at:

SDTSI Intensive Service Dog Training Online Course has received a lot of positive feedback from the school's students, and according to what stated by the SDTSI team, this makes them proud and gives them the energy to do even better.

As at now, Service Dog Training School International has 5 courses available online on their portal, and more are possibly to come in the next future.

Service Dog Training School International is focused on helping people with physical and mental disabilities to train their own dog to become a qualified service dog to assist in their daily life.

With a team of highly qualified and certified trainers, SDTSI's compassionate training approach facilitates the deepest possible bond between their clients and their dogs. Use of force free training methods only. They strictly abide by the Assistance Dogs International (ADI) guidelines. At the same time, provide their unique training techniques to simplify the service dog training process, and set their client and dog up for success throughout their learning process. Service dog training requires patience and consistency, it should take at least 6 month/120 hrs, thus owners are required to remain both patience and consistent throughout their training classes and afterwards. By using positive reinforcement the dog will love training and learning, and will look forward to training sessions.

SDTSI teams are located in Hong Kong, Ireland, Germany and Bulgaria. In 2019 they developed a service dog distance training portal where individuals can access the courses online and easily train their own dogs with the help of SDTSI trainers in order to better meet their needs without time and place limits. SDTSI also supports people on social assistance suffering from PTSD. They are denied assistance by non-profit service dog training organisations who only support veterans and help them train their dogs to become a service dog. 10% of SDTSI income goes directly to fund the work of the Psychiatric Service Dog Association in helping people with mental illness and sick, injured & cruelly treated animals.

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