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Back-to-School with Smartphones for Kids

Finding the right tool to support student's school days

Parents can adjust the phone's features based on their values, the time of day and even the type of day, like a school day versus the weekend.

    AUSTIN, TX, September 01, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- As kids across the country go back to school, parents research which smartphone is best. After all, students of all ages need to stay in touch with their parents, view assignments from their teachers and gain a sense of independence.

A typical smartphone tries to lead kids into gaming or YouTube rabbit holes, but with Pinwheel, children can enjoy support without distractions.

Dane Witbeck, Pinwheel's CEO, launched the project after his 8-year-old son, Wyatt, announced that his best friend got an iPhone.

Witbeck recalls thinking, "'Wow this seems really early' and it just triggered the whole thing."

He knew he wanted to promote healthy tech habits in his son and three younger children, but disliked how the existing technology was loaded with inappropriate and poor quality content.

So he launched Pinwheel.

Working with a team of software developers and a therapist council, he designed Pinwheel phones with no web browser or social media, and limited apps that promote wellness in children.

Parents can adjust the phone's features based on their values, the time of day and even the type of day, like a school day versus the weekend.

Plus, the phone offers many features that support a child's school day.

How Pinwheel helps kids get ready:

1. Alarm. Allowing children to set their own alarm gives them a sense of autonomy and responsibility. Parents can help them select the best time by discussing what time school starts, how long it takes to travel from door to door, and how long it takes them to get ready.
2. Routines. In the Pinwheel Caregiver Portal, parents can customize "Routines" which appear as a checklist on their child's phone, helping them get off to a great start.

How Pinwheel helps kids during school:

3. Modes. Also in the Pinwheel Caregiver Portal, parents can set "Modes" that allow their child to contact specific people and access certain apps. For example, a parent can customize their child's Pinwheel phone to call or text any of their emergency contacts, but none of their peers; they can access their graphing calculator, but not Spotify.
4. Apps. Kids can access Google Classroom, Zoom, Canva Student, calculators, and a whole host of educational apps, if their parents choose to allow them.

How Pinwheel helps kids after school:

5. Location Tracking. Whether they're at the playground, a friend's house, or on their way home, Pinwheel shows parents exactly where their child is after they leave school.
6. No Internet Browser or Social Media. Without a browser or access to social media, children can experience life with fewer distractions, less bullying, and a better handle on reality.
7. Text History. Parents can help their child master tech etiquette and watch for red flag language and tone by monitoring their text conversations. With Pinwheel, kids cannot delete text messages.

When it comes to screen time, parents should remember that some types can truly benefit a child's educational growth. Pinwheel, a healthy smartphone for kids, was built so children always have the right tools to support their school day, and their every day.

Pinwheel helps kids develop a healthy relationship with tech designed just for them.


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