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How's The Air Quality In Your Home?

Keeping your home air clean.

    EL PASO, TX, September 03, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- "Keeping the air in a home clean and circulating is more important than most people realize." said M. LaBeau, owner of SoBellas. A home's internal air quality is invisible, but it's something that can definitely be felt.

Types of Air Quality Services

UV Air Scrubbers for HVAC
Air Purifiers
Air Filter Replacements
Ventilation Inspection and Repairs
Whole-Home Humidifiers
Allergy Reduction
Germicide Products
ERV Installation

LaBeau asks, "Have you ever stepped into a shed that hasn't been opened in a few weeks, or maybe months?" There's breathable air inside, but your lungs somehow tell you that it's been stale for quite some time. If a person or pet were closed in that shed for a while, they would quickly become aware of the difference between air quality indoors and air quality outdoors.

There's a reason we go outside for some "fresh air", but with a well-designed HVAC system, you shouldn't have to. The incredible thing is that modern, beautiful Texas homes are often built with insufficient HVAC airflow or filtration to maintain the home's air quality. A home's air quality can also deteriorate over time without proper care of the AC and vents. We have witnessed the most beautiful homes with some of the poorest indoor air quality imaginable.

What Defines Air Quality in a Home?

Dust Content
Mold Spores
Pollen and Allergens
Poor Airflow and Stale Air
High Carbon Content
Lingering Bacteria and Viruses

Air quality is defined by how healthy air is for a human to breathe. We like our air with a nice mix of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon. More oxygen is better, up to any level achievable by mother nature. More carbon is very bad for us, and occurs naturally when we breathe in closed spaces without proper air recycling.

As for the dust, mold spores, pollen, and bacteria - these are all particles that can and should be filtered out of home air to maintain the quality. Over time, a house can act like a "trap" for these unhealthy particles that are bad to breathe. Just like dust in an unused room. Without a system designed to both filter your air (complete with clean filters) and cycle new air into the house, the air quality starts to deteriorate. Dust, allergens, bacteria, and carbon dioxide build up inside the house and new oxygen can't get in easily.

What Causes Poor Air Quality?

Poorly Designed Ductwork
Clogged Filters
Dusty Vents
Dry or Humid Air
Lack of Air Exchange
Insufficient Filtration

Poor air quality happens when the air contaminants like dust and pollen and bacteria are not removed from the air, and when fresh air can't get into the house. If your filters are dirty, they will get clogged. Not only will this reduce your air-filtering, it also slows down your system and its overall efficiency.

If the ductwork is poorly designed, then air won't flow through the house evenly. "If the vents are dusty, that dust will blow back into the room with every cycle of the AC" says M. LaBeau. Air exchange can be done mechanically or it happens naturally when doors and windows open. Without enough air exchange, the air in your home becomes stuffy and carbon-rich.

If the air is too dry or humid, then this can also negatively affect air quality. Both too-dry and too-moist air can cause health problems over time. Your air filtering system may also not be up to the task, even with a new filter. The quality of your filter matters, but so does the design of your HVAC system.

Fortunately, these causes of poor air quality can be solved.

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Change Filters and Clean Vents
Install an Air Purifier Unit
Install an In-Line Air Exchanger
Install a UV Scrubber
Redesign Your Ductwork
Try a Humidifier or Dehumidifier

The solutions to poor air quality in your home can be fixed in a number of ways, depending on your specific concerns. The first step is to clear out the existing dust and air contaminants in the system. Change your air filters and install high-quality filters in their place. Clean the vents and consider getting a ductwork cleaning as well.

You can also install a variety of units into your HVAC system that improve air quality by making your air cleaner, bringing in fresh air, and counteracting any flaws in your original HVAC system.

Air Purification Systems

An air-purifier unit is installed in-line with your AC and provides a much higher level of filtration than the single air filter behind your AC intake. An air purifier can remove baceria, viruses, and other microorganisms and a far greater degree of dust, pollen, and mold spores.

Air Exchanger Installation

An air exchanger, often called a heat exchanger, is more common in northern states. In traditional northern winters, homes are so closed-up to keep the cold out that the air can sicken, and an air-exchanger brings in fresh air from outside, then heats it in-line to keep homes safe and warm. However, modern homes are now sealed all the time for energy-efficiency, trapping air inside the house. Now all homes should have air exchangers to maintain good air quality.

UV Scrubbers for HVAC

UV light specifically kills microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and the dreaded home mold infestation. By placing a UV-light air scrubber into your HVAC system, you can drastically decrease the number of harmful microorganisms in your home's air.

SoBellas Home Services for Air Quality

SoBellas Home Services strives to provide full-service care to local residents in need of AC, heater, plumbing, and maintenance services. A big part of what we do is to help you maintain not just a comfortable temp, but also clean air quality. The air quality in your home influences the health and happiness of the entire family. We will do everything we can to minimize dust, mold, and allergens inside your home no matter where that journey takes us. From the AC coils to the air filter to cleaning your furnace and ductwork, SoBellas Home Services will make sure your home air is comfortable and clean. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or repair of your home air systems.

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