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The World's First Putter + Chipper = 2 in 1 Golf Club

World's first 2-in-1 (Putter & Chipper) Golf Club DR.PC 1830 Rolling Putter Kickstarter Launch Preview

    NEW YORK, NY, September 13, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Beginners in golf tend to let themselves down quickly due to their skills not meeting their own expectations. The most crucial obstacle for beginners is to find the best fitting golf clubs for themselves, fixing their swings, and lowering the number of misses. Due to the countless variety of conventional golf clubs, golfers needed substantial time and money to find the perfect one.

Golfers need a putter to put the ball in a hole cup and a chipper to chip the ball around the green. For golfers to purchase a decent putter and a chipper, it would cost them about $400. And this $400 is quite a burden for beginners to pay out of their pockets.

Due to all these unnecessary barriers, DRG GOLF TECHNOLOGY Inc is gaining much attention by developing the world's first chipper+ putter 2-in-1 golf club 'DR. PC 2930 Rolling Putter'. This invention is known for providing an extremely economical and practical option for anyone to enjoy golf. Simply pulling the club's head and twisting can switch between a putter and a chipper. This invention also meets the expectations of professionals and amateurs in golfing by drastically decreasing the number of putting/ approaches a golfer has to make.

The most unique factor of the 'DR. PC 2930 Rolling Putter', is that it is equipped with a 'Sweet Spot Guide.' This intelligent feature provides the golfer a unique sound and impact when the club did not accurately impact the golf ball, providing a self-guidance to fix their own swings. Another eye-worthy feature is that its loft angle is set at 42 degrees. This low-degree angle guides the golfers to swing a relaxed approach, just like putting, thus elevating their joy in playing short games. Other than these features, the putter is handcrafted with a CNC milling method (latest metal carving technology) and a polyurethane grip for maximum grip.

Meanwhile, this world's first putter & chipper 2-in-1 golf club 'DR. PC 2930 Rolling Putter' has predicted its launch on Kickstarter this coming September. More details about this invention can be found on Kickstarter's official campaign page.

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