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Quadruple Sterilizing Portable Air Purifier Eliminating 95.9% of Virus In the Air. Launching on INDIEGOGO in September

The World's Smartest Portable Air Purifier

    NEW YORK, NY, September 13, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Air purifiers that are currently sold in the market are somewhat effective in elevating your air quality indoors. But they are not capable of terminating the microparticles, germs, and viruses. Also, they are big and heavy so, users have a hard time moving or carrying them around with them after they are installed. So, how can the pre-existing air purifiers handle microdust and chemical substances amidst the air (from the interior materials) in automobiles if they can't even take care of the air indoors?

Amidst these issues, a portable air purifier 'HENiR' developed by WON MOTORS INC is grabbing all the attention with its INDIEGOGO LAUNCH. 'HENiR' has proven that it completely eliminates micro dust/ viruses and elevates air quality inside sealed automobiles and in offices, tabletops, and kitchens.

HENiR is known as the "World's 1st" air purifier infiltration, sterilization, and even in scent diffusion. HENiR also purifies the air through four stages of sterilization. The first step, the pre-filter, eliminates visible contaminants like hair follicles and thick dust particles. The copper fiber filter terminates more than 99% of bacteria during its second step, preventing bacterial reproduction. In its third step, the HEPA 13 filter filters out micro dusts up to 0.3μm and terminates germs like e.coli and salmonella. And in the last step (the fourth), HENiR's leading technology, the powerful sterilization of UV-C LED, takes care of microorganisms like bacteria.

HENiR is also very unique since it is super light where users can hold it with one hand. And its size is perfect for easy installation in cup-holders in automobiles or just to carry it around. Its 8000RPM BLDC motor, which is highly efficient with low noise levels, circulates the air in cars. And its PM 2.5 smart dust sensors measure the air contamination level in your area. The contamination level, measured with its sensors, is displayed to the users on its LED display. The display shows its dust particle's density levels in a numerical manner. By displaying 3 different LED colors, users can instantly check the air quality according to the various calculated air contamination levels.

Other than that, the FDA patented diffuser cartridge freshens up the air in the user's vehicles. The calm ocean blue scent calms down the drivers, apart from just purifying the air. At night 'HENiR' can also be used as nightstands. This feature was made possible with its light amplifying LED light diffuser and its plastic materials smoothly reflecting its light.

Meanwhile, the world's most innovative portable air purifier HENiR has predicted to launch on the world's largest crowdfunding platform, INDIEGOGO, this coming September. More details can be found on their official INDIEGOGO page.

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