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MarketMove | Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Investors Make Smart & Safe Decisions

    WARSAW, POLAND, September 13, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- MarketMove secured a place on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko in just two days after their launch on PancakeSwap - a decentralized exchange. This proves an enormous demand for tools, which make investing safe. MarketMove brings the state-of-the-art AI technology from Fortune 500 companies straight to the crypto market.

The platform identifies new crypto assets with huge potential and provides a full set of tools to research them from every angle. It enables users to analyze every contract and token they want. MarketMove started on Binance Smart Chain and is due to expand to ETH and Cardano later this year.

The first features of the platform will be officially live in late September 2021.

Making the Crypto Space Safer and More Accessible
MarketMove ensures that users can always feel safe about their investment and really understand what they are putting their money in. Such tools are used on a daily basis by big corporations, hedge funds, and private equity firms. MarketMove's goal is to bring this technology to retail investors.

The team behind the project comes from top companies in the world, such as CapGemini, Google, and BCG. Michael Novack, the COO of MarketMove, has been running his own AI consulting firm (Sigmoidal), providing enterprise-grade AI solutions to Fortune 500 clients. The company's CTO, Marcin Stachowiak, previously worked as a Head of AI at CapGemini and as Intel AI Ambassador.

Deep learning-based AI systems embedded into MarketMove are meant to bring in human-like reasoning powered by real-time data analysis. The MarketMove platform will verify accurate information on different crypto projects and their assets while highlighting their performance and possible outcomes.

Apart from that, one of the reasons MarketMove has built an intelligent platform is to protect crypto investors from falling into all kinds of traps. These include rug pulls, scams, honey pots, and others.

The MarketMove platform is able to work on these aspects because of CryptoBERT - their own flavor of BERT, developed by Google. It's an updated and modified version of BERT trained to identify and understand the specific terms and jargon associated with the crypto space and then make the required analysis.

Smart Features of MarketMove
MarketMove will be a one-stop shop for crypto investment. From token discovery and AI-driven contract audits to limit orders with custom email and Telegram notifications.

The SEARCHBoard is there to help the users find out about new projects, and it shows the trending tokens along with the scheduled presales and private sales. It combines data from the blockchain with all information from social media and news, aggregating and analyzing it all in one place.

Their audit system scans the cryptocurrency platform contracts to find out any red flags and inform the users. Furthermore, it also provides information of what's good about a specific contract - like the most recent Solidity version, buyback functions, well-written code, and others.

MarketMove can also help conduct presale audits for various platforms and analyze their liquidity, tokens, holders, and supply. A Social Media Tracker scans the entire network every 30 seconds to support the search further to hear the social media chatter about the project.

Intelligent limit and trailing stop-loss orders will also be a part of the platform.

All these features will be available to use from the MarketMove application by the end of Q4 2021. The first feature (AI-driven contract audit) will be live in late September 2021. MarketMove regularly shares video updates on the progress of the development.

Such aspects will highlight MarketMove as a platform with actual use cases, with an ability to disrupt the blockchain network - not only on BSC.

About MarketMove
MarketMove is a user-oriented AI-driven platform providing seamless access to authentic knowledge to the community. To start using its features, users need to buy and hold a specific amount of MarketMove tokens, which seems to be a very good business model to help the price grow.

The motive of MarketMove is to safely invest in crypto by providing access to actionable insights based on real-time analysis of the crypto space. The token itself is a hyper-deflationary system with reflections to holders that also ensures that users holding tokens get the benefit of a higher value cryptocurrency. The supply gets more scarce over time and holders receive additional tokens from each buy and sell transaction (similar to interest rates).

You can visit their website ( to learn more about the project.

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