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How Forrest Walker Conner Keeps Up With The Times As a Busy College Student

Forrest Walker Conner is prepared for another year's adventure at Sewanee: University of the South.

    NASHVILLE, TN, September 23, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Last school year presented a lot of changes for Conner and his peers. All of their learning was done online, and they didn't get to participate in any of the social events they were looking forward to.

Things are getting back to normal this year, but Forrest Walker Conner college student, has a lot on his agenda. He is majoring in economics and minoring in business, and he has a lot that he wants to learn before he enters the world of business. The one topic he is most interested in covering is how government policies are affecting all business environments.

Life as a college student isn't all about parties for Forrest Walker Conner. This bright young student has big plans for his future, and he knows how he manages his time now plays a significant role in what happens next. Conner is eager to learn as much as possible about economics before graduation, and he knows that a lot of learning happens outside of the classroom.

One of his goals is to network and make more connections within the business and economics industry. He actively participates with the Fund for American Studies in the public policy and economics program. Conner enjoys the opportunity he has had participating and getting to meet new people with the same interests.

He is hoping that his extracurricular work will open more doors for him in the future. Even though he is busy with his school schedule, he still makes time to find opportunities that will benefit his future. He is grateful that he has been able to meet many mentors and listen to their stories and advice.

When Forrest Walker Conner first moved away to college, he was overwhelmed by all the changes. It can be difficult to keep up, but once he found balance in his school life, Conner found it easier to adjust. Planning ahead and setting goals were very important steps in his progress. He is always looking towards the future and using time management to fit in every opportunity.

If Conner could give one piece of advice to new students this year, it would be to take everything one step at a time. There will be times when every student feels like they have more work than hours in the day. Once a student starts to establish their routine and looks at each task individually, managing life as a college student becomes a lot more clear.

One thing that Forrest Walker Conner tries to do each day starts his morning off with a goal in mind. He is always working towards something, which helps him stay motivated throughout the entire school year. This attitude plays a huge part in Conner's success as a student at Sewanee.

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