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New Book "Ghosts and Spirits: Explained," from Award-Winning Author

Learn the differences and similarities between ghosts and spirits

"This is a breakthrough concept in the field of the paranormal. For decades people have used the words 'ghost' and 'spirit' as interchangeable but they're not."

    WASHINGTON, DC, September 30, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A new book called "Ghosts and Spirits: Explained" by Rob Gutro has just been released in time for the Halloween season. This book explains the differences and similarities between ghosts and spirits and uses energy as a foundation.

"This is a breakthrough concept in the field of the paranormal," Gutro said. "For decades people have used the words 'ghost' and 'spirit' as interchangeable but they're not." The book was written to provide the most up-to-date insight into the afterlife and to give you a better idea what happens after our physical bodies die. Specifically, you'll come to understand that there are similarities and differences between ghosts and spirits and you'll be able to distinguish which is which.

Rob is a medium and paranormal investigator with the Inspired Ghost Tracking of Md. He is an Amazon best-selling true paranormal book author. His previous book, "Pets and the Afterlife 3: Messages from Spirit Dogs" was awarded "Best eBook on Grief for 2021," as part of 8 best books in that category, and the only one dealing with pet loss (the others about human losses).

This book provides an understanding of earthbound ghosts, their use of energy, why they chose to dwell earthbound in their afterlife, how they communicate and how they affect living people. Learn how spirits of loved ones differ from ghosts in energy usage, abilities, how they can influence you, signs they send, and how they communicate. You'll learn many of the ways ghosts and spirits communicate and where and why they dwell.

Learn about types of hauntings, protecting yourself from ghosts, what to do if you have a haunting, how to clear negative energy, what an orb is, and the truth about poltergeists. You'll learn how to experience ghosts and get messages from your loved ones in spirit.

An emotional story in the book involves the spirit of Rob's father who proved he was at his own wake and funeral. Read how Rob befriended a spirit, learn how pets communicate, and how Rob helped his aunt's spirit reach a different level in the afterlife. Rob also encountered a famous historic ghost, that of Dr. Samuel Mudd, who mended the notorious John Wilkes booth. In addition to Rob's encounters, you'll read two sections with stories from others with ghosts and spirits.

Rob's previous 8 books have achieved Amazon's best-seller status in the paranormal category. In 2020, he released "Case Files of Inspired Ghost Tracking," a book about the team's most interesting and provocative paranormal investigations. The new book and his other books are available in paperback and E-book, on and other outlets at:

He also provides short email medium readings for pets or people who passed, and charges a small fee through PayPal. Reading information is available on his website. Rob maintains a weekly paranormal blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. He works with animal rescues and gives fundraising lectures for them around the U.S. Rescues can contact him to arrange one.

The author has been featured in the Washington Post, MSNBC, WBZ Newsradio Boston, "Coast to Coast AM" syndicated radio, Paranormal TV's "Do You Believe," and U.S., U.K., and Ireland paranormal radio programs such as Unknown Paranormal Radio, Ghost Chronicles Radio, Haunted Road Media programs as well as many others. See his website for other appearances and interviews.

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Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator & medium with Inspired Ghost Tracking. He can receive messages from ghosts or spirits (who have crossed over). As a scientist, he explains the paranormal with energy. He has become known as a Pet Medium; but works with human ghosts and spirits, too. His blog shares experiences and knowledge and his books teach you how to recognize signs from ghosts and spirits, explains their differences and similarities, and helps explain what happens after people and pets pass.

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