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Trails Carolina Helps Troubled Teens With Wilderness Therapy

The team at Trails Carolina believes that wilderness therapy is one of the best approaches when it comes to focusing on mental wellness

    LAKE TOXAWAY, NC, September 28, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Poor mental health is an issue that's affecting countless pre-teens and teenagers across the United States. Often, parents are at a loss when they want to find real support for their struggling child. Trails Carolina, located in North Carolina, takes a different approach to help pre-teens and teenagers who suffer from mental health issues with wilderness therapy.

The main mission of the staff at Trails Carolina is to help these students by boosting their confidence and focusing on healthy coping mechanisms. Many troubled teens have come out of this program with a better sense of their personal self-worth. Trails Carolina focuses on healthier changes so teens can start seeing a better future.

Many pre-teens and teens who are combating issues with mental health have trouble expressing themselves at home and school. Often one of the best ways for them to focus on real healing is to place themselves in a different setting.

Nature is one of the most soothing settings. Trails Carolina's Wilderness Therapy Program can give students a break from all the distractions in their life so they can begin focusing on becoming a better version of themselves. Every member of the Trails Carolina team is caring and prepared to guide each youth on a journey to wellbeing.

They create the right atmosphere to get these adolescents to begin talking about their mental health. This is how they can start to focus on any unhealthy behaviors the student may be presenting to make positive changes. Each team member will work with the students to help them see the value in personal growth.

One of the main reasons that the wilderness experience is effective for struggling pre-teens and teens is to sense the genuine, supportive atmosphere they are in. Teens feel more comfortable opening up because they know that they are in a non-discriminatory environment. Family and friends place a certain amount of pressure on teens, which is why they feel like they can't express these issues at home.

Once these students begin to engage in their journey at Trails Carolina, they begin the most important step of mental wellbeing, self-discovery. This program is committed to helping youth overcome their toughest challenges. Each team member wants to see every youth who enters the program leave a new outlook on their lives.

There are many types of therapeutic options for troubled pre-teens and teens. Still, Trails Carolina believes that wilderness therapy has more positive outcomes because they take kids out of stressful environments and start taking steps towards better mental wellbeing from the moment they arrive.

Trail Carolina is organized by licensed therapists who believe in the potential of these students. This program offers flexible lengths of stay because every student is on a different journey, and they want to make sure each one gets the right level of support. There are many options for individual and group therapy, helping every teen with their journey.

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