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AI puts Executives and Senior Managers in Gen-Y Sites

With Boards looking for new ways to prove their resilience and future-proofing, fear of AI exposes older managers to be overtaken by tech-savvy young Turks who can exploit AI. New book "Risk Intelligence" shows how AI can drive innovation and growth

"I see this book as potentially one of the most inspiring, useful and potentially influential books written on risk management for the last few years." - Martin Davies, Casual Capital

    GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA, October 04, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A new book "Risk Intelligence" puts executives and senior managers on notice that they are in serious risk of losing their jobs to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Not to AI robots, but to upwardly mobile, tech-savvy Gen-Y and millennials who understand and can use it. More importantly, their ability to exploit the whole range of AI and disruptive technologies available today is being noticed by boards keen to demonstrate their future-proofing strategies to investors and the Market.

"Risk Intelligence" highlights how AI can use risk (problems) to identify opportunities, build value, and drive growth. It covers how key AI technologies available today on "the cloud" can exploit volatility and threats to your own advantage. The pace of digital transformation in business is already leading boards to reconsider future C-Level skill sets. AI will not replace human decision-making but will augment it. Therefore decision-makers will need to be adept at its selection and use. Today, "smart" decision-making tools that can analyse the "context" of a problem, pull-up related collateral, and show the likely scenario effects on objectives, will cause a paradigm shift in what board expect of managers and decision-makers. Understanding how to use these tools will be as important as using Excel or reading a Balance Sheet.

Gen-Y and Millennials already exist in this new world, to the point that they don't "get" the old world. Gen-Z are being educated in it. But to quote Risk Intelligence:

"What of Gen-X, now forty-plus? They are in serious risk of being run over by the younger generation hungry for promotion and looking for the chance. Watch your backs."

The role of senior managers has changed forever. Working remotely, marketplace volatility, and social responsibility requires situational awareness, decision-agility, and quick response. Boards are more than aware that "Past performance is not indicative of future results". In "Risk Intelligence – Using AI to transform Risk Management", Gregory M. Carroll recommends a range of new technologies with which senior managers will need to become conversant, if they want to remain relevant. This includes Knowledge Graphs to identify supply chain vulnerabilities, Nature Language Processing (NLP) to monitor stress and employee engagement, Blockchain to eliminate fraud, and Bayesian Game Theory for strategic planning.

"Risk Intelligence - Using Artificial Intelligence to transform Risk" is an executive's guide to understanding the use of AI, not a technical manual on how to develop AI models. It is available on Amazon for $34.99. For more info go to

Greg has extensive experience in AI-based risk management with the likes of Aust Dept of Defence and Victorian Infectious Diseases Labs. Author of "Risk Intelligence" and "Mastering 21st century Enterprise Risk Management", Greg is a strong advocate for applying disruptive technologies to risk management.

Since doing a Graduate Diploma in Computer Simulation (Operations Research) at Swinburne University, he has been heavily involved with computer-based decision tools. Greg also has a Certificate in Machine Learning from Stanford University, in Data Science from the University of Michigan.

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