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Managing Brand Consistency for FMCGs

Brands are leveraging predictive visual analytics to manage brand consistency on a global scale.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, October 06, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- According to McKinsey, the world's 40 strongest brands in an MSCI World index certificate, yielded almost twice the total return to shareholders than other brands, over two decades. To be defined as a strong brand on a global scale has huge cache – and takes equal effort aligning values, elements, and messaging to maintain uniform communication and positioning, across every regional market.

With the stakes so high and global reputations teetering on the edge with every new campaign launched, how can brands truly ensure their global marketing campaigns remain consistent?

The Dragonfly AI saliency algorithm mirrors the way that the brain processes information to predict viewer attention.

Unlike other technologies, the algorithm wasn't trained using specific datasets (e.g. fixation data from eye-tracking tests). Instead, has been designed to simulate the way our brains process visual information (from a biological standpoint). For this reason, the algorithm does not have a training bias towards a specific touchpoint or category. It basically uses the same natural processing capability the human brain employs when its ingesting and prioritizing what we see in the world around us.

The algorithm emulates and predicts what we call the 'pre-cognitive' phase in the brain, the period before your high-level influencers (e.g. likes/dislikes/past experiences) kick in. For this reason the insight also has the benefit of being applicable across all demographics (across age/geography etc.).

One brand, Beiersdorf Health Care, leverage Dragonfly AI's algorithm across their global brand relaunch campaign. Heatmap and saliency scores provide them with a benchmark to create visuals that will win a global audience attention - including where to position their logo and headlines. Campaigns are then rolled out across the local teams to be adapted locally.

The complexity in global campaigns for creative teams serving global FMCG brands should not be downplayed, given the sheer number of stakeholders involved and the brands being managed. Brand consistency can easily falter as they operate across multiple countries and time zones if left unguarded. With Dragonfly AI, brands overcome these obstacles at much greater ease, as the tool provides data-informed predictive insight on campaigns that promises to perform.

This helps brands like Beiersdorf Health Care keep campaigns consistent no matter where in the world their campaign is being delivered. On top of that, the data gathered helps to remove biases and enables teams to have data-informed discussions rather than one based on subjectivity. Using this approach, brands can significantly improve communication across stakeholders, divisions, and geographic regions.

Predictive visual analytics like Dragonfly AI provides a competitive edge to companies cooking up global campaigns by providing key metrics and predictive (accurate) analysis which is successfully baked into guidelines and global standards. It supervises consistency across localised markets that increases their chance of generating a winning campaign.

About Dragonfly AI

Dragonfly AI is on a mission to help brands and agencies create content that performs better when enhanced by science.

The Dragonfly AI visual analytics suite is based on primary research into computer vision for robotic navigation conducted over the period 2010-14 by the late Professor Peter W McOwan, and Dr Hamit Soyel, of Queen Mary University of London (Queen Mary). Their research and proprietary algorithm form the basis for the Dragonfly AI product suite. Queen Mary remains an integral partner to both Dragonfly AI and its Research & Development. Dr Hamit Soyel is Dragonfly AI's Chief Data Scientist and the company's research laboratory is named The McOwan Lab after Professor Peter W McOwan.

The Dragonfly AI platform is already used by the designers and creators of many leading consumer brands across the world.

In a world saturated with visual stimuli at every twist and turn, the market for audience attention has never been more competitive. Dragonfly AI is the leading innovator within the predictive visual analytics sphere using artificial intelligence (AI), informed by cutting edge neuroscience which accurately predicts what consumers see first in any content instance (static or moving images).

Dragonfly AI offers customers an easy to use, self-serve subscription-service platform to access the software on iOS, web, desktop, API or enterprise integrations. The platform allows users to capture real-time content performance insight, to optimise to "human ready" before publication; or upload their campaign designs to run them through Dragonfly AI's algorithm and obtain instant feedback in the form of a heat-map and metrics showing which elements a viewer's attention is drawn to in the first milliseconds of looking - the "zero moment of truth".

This is particularly relevant for websites struggling with high bounce rates or brands competing for shelf-space in the 'impulse-buy' section of a retailer, or the digital aisle. Built originally to create visual interpretation capability for robotic devices, Dragonfly AI's precognitive software solutions are uniquely modelled on the biological function of the human brain's vision using five principle neural pathways in a constant process of visual analysis. Dragonfly AI's instant algorithm replicates the visual cues (light/dark, colour, contrast, shape, orientation) that the human brain processes to be able to predict what consumers see first in all forms of visual content.

Existing clients comprise some of the biggest leading consumer brands (Jaguar Land Rover, Diageo, Mitsubishi, Sony, BBDO) across a wide variety of industries already using the technology including for the following functions:

• Packaging – improving performance of physical and digital packaging, increasing share of product attention on-and-off-shelf, and designing effective real-world packaging
• Retail – improving performance of visual merchandising and enhance the shopper experience in-store
• E-commerce – increase adoption and improve click through rates on key promotions
• Advertising – increase effectiveness of campaign content

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