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World Renowned Author Nancy Smith Has Won the Prestigious Nautilus Award With Her Latest Book 'Divine Love Affair: An Akashic Journey' For Science, Cosmology and Expanding Consciousness!

Gifted spiritual and Akashic medium, Nancy Smith unveils her latest events set to help people connect with their souls and spirits of loved ones, spirit guides and themselves. Working with Nancy will teach you how to develop spiritual and soul power.

When I reread the material in [Divine Love Affair: An Akashic Journey] I feel very strongly that Spirit and my higher guidance in the Akashic records were whispering in my ear as I wrote.

    HAVERHILL, MA, October 07, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Facing the Big Bad Scary. After the challenges of 2020, many of us are feeling overwhelmed and anxious about what lies ahead. During these difficult times people tend to turn toward spirituality to seek guidance, advice and inner strength. With a passion for helping people to connect with the spirits of their loved ones and unlocking the benefits of spirituality, gifted spiritual akashic medium, Nancy Smith, understands the challenges many of us are currently facing. Nancy helps her clients learn how to listen to the voice of theirs soul. She helps people connect to their higher power to discern messages and meaning for themselves so they can make creatively inspired choices.

Nancy's message is this: "It is time to gain trust in yourself, learn how to listen to what your soul is saying. When you become aware of how your spiritual team is helping you, you know you are not alone. Most of all connect to the divine source of God to know you are loved. The miracle in our life is to realize and return to the Divine love we are created from."

She has added, "There can be no denying that the past year has been incredibly tough for all of us. The pandemic has transformed our lives and left many people feeling overwhelmed and lost. I know how worrying it can be, which is why I have created a unique range of events for the upcoming year that will help people to unlock their spirituality and get back their soul's path."

Nancy offers broad range of new services such as The Akashic Journey Intensive, Soul Power Personal Intensives and The Spirit and Soul Art and Mediumship Intensive events. These classes and intensives are designed to help you develop a strong and user-friendly relationship with the creator and your soul. They will also help attendees build the confidence to access your Soul's Akashic Records and path for your life. You will learn and understand the different levels of conscious awareness and choices. You will develop a stronger connection to those in the spirit world. The Soul Art Intensive helps people to create visual spirit art messages from your soul. The Spirit Art and Mediumship Intensive allows you to connect with those loved ones who are deceased and now in spirit. Nancy still offers one on one mediumship, spirit art and Akashic Soul Life Readings.

Soul Power Personal Intensives are a one to one interactive study to learn to listen and connect with your Soul. Nancy teaches her clients the five languages of their own soul. She teaches a variety of tools and modalities and will find what works best for her clients. Her clients practice listening and implementing those messages into your life and then watch what happens!

You can read more about this in her award-winning book, Divine Love Affair: An Akashic Journey. This best-seller is a guide to help readers build a spiritual practice designed to help them live their soul's dream. Everyone's soul creates a plan before they are born, a plan that includes the adventures, relationships, education, and exploration we are destined to take. During the hectic hustle and bustle of life, we can often lose track of this plan, and Nancy's latest book teaches a variety of meditations, exercises, and visualizations to uncover your inner plan and get back on track. In a recent interview Nancy was asked about what was one of the most surprising things she learned in creating her best selling book Divine Love Affair: An Akashic Journey:

"As I was writing Divine Love Affair an Akashic Journey, I surprised myself with how many 'voices' came through in the book. When I reread the material in the book I feel very strongly that Spirit and my higher guidance in the Akashic records were whispering in my ear as I wrote. I am thrilled every time someone talks to me about how much they are learning from the material in the book."

Recently, Nancy Smith claimed the highly coveted Nautilus Award for the aforementioned Divine Love Affair: An Akashic Journey. For 22 years, this unique book awards program has gained prestige with authors and publishers around the world. The Nautilus Award, in the organization's own words, "seeks, recognizes, honors, celebrates and promotes print books that inspire and connect our lives as individuals, families, communities, and global citizens." Therefore, it is with great reverence and immense pride that Nancy Smith has accepted this landmark distinction.

Alongside her books and events, Nancy also hosts a radio show and podcast called Angelscapes every Tuesday, in which she explores a range of topics, as well as discussing spiritual tools that listeners can incorporate into their day-to-day lives. The interactive weekly shows are packed with ideas, tips, and lessons for listeners of all experience. The Angelscapes program often features special guests to further the discussions and lessons available.

For more information on Angelscapes and Nancy Smith, or to find out more about her 2021 events and books, visit her official website. To listen to the Angelscapes radio show archives click here. The Angelscapes show is available on all podcast platforms.

Nancy offers a free 15 minute consult to those interested in learning more about Nancy's work and how it could benefit them.

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