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Revolutionary Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror NFT Platform, EverScapes, Launches on Artefy

EverScapes' NFT Collections Will Feature Art And Digital Collectibles From Dozens Of Legendary Artists, Including Frank Frazetta, Juan Giménez, The Brothers Hildebrandt, Greg Hildebrandt And From The Iconic 'Heavy Metal Magazine'

    LOS ANGELES, CA, October 14, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror NFT collectible platform EverScapes is launching this month on the digital marketplace Artefy, powered by the eco-friendly Polygon network. The new curated platform offers art fans and collectors the ability to purchase digital creations from acclaimed artists of the past and present, including Frank Frazetta, Juan Giménez, The Brothers Hildebrandt, Greg Hildebrandt, Anna Podedworna, and many more. EverScapes has also partnered with the legendary Heavy Metal Magazine to bring its celebrated covers and characters to life with a line of NFTs.

The first platform to launch within the Artefy ecosphere, EverScapes is kicking off by offering early account holders a free Limited Edition animated patron badge that will provide holders with ongoing benefits and exclusive NFTs. For those new to NFTs, EverScapes makes the process simple and easy; account holders can buy collectibles with cryptocurrency, credit card, or PayPal. Fans looking to become early account holders can visit to join now.

EverScapes will be producing unique NFTs around beloved bodies of work from fantasy, sci-fi, and horror creators and brands that helped define these genres and modern masters that lead the way today, including Frank Frazetta, Juan Giménez, The Brothers Hildebrandt, Greg Hildebrandt, Anna Podedworna, Ciruelo, Richard Hescox, Sanjulián, Sven Sauer, and many more. Their incredible work comes to life through immersive animation and stunning 3D recreations, with NFT collections that will include unseen works, preliminary sketches and newly created work released for the first time on EverScapes.

"Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Horror art has inspired millions of people around the world for decades, including myself and the entire team at EverScapes. This art has impacted the games people play, the books they read, and their own creative endeavors," said Marshall Lees, CEO, of Artefy. "By bringing incredible works of art to life in all new ways, including through gamification and rewards, and some of the really fun things we have coming, we think collectors and fans are going to be so excited and inspired all over again, by what they will be able to do, explore, and collect on EverScapes."

Art and collectibles on EverScapes are grouped into themed "Collections"; completing collections, either through buying the works in direct drops, discovering pieces in loot crates, or by trading with other collectors on the EverScapes marketplace, leads to rewards and prizes. With Halloween just around the corner, Everscapes is not only releasing a "Legendary Monsters" collection in October, but is also launching a randomized 100-piece loot crate set filled with horror NFTs inspired by George C. Romero's The Rise, a comic book series prologue to his father George A. Romero's iconic horror film Night of the Living Dead. The Rise is currently being published as a series in the famed illustrated fantasy, sci-fi, and horror Heavy Metal Magazine, which comes out once a month.

"When looking at the landscape of digital collectibles, and the future of the metaverse, it is clear to me that Artefy is positioning themselves to be at the cross-section of culture, art, and genre. Just like Heavy Metal," said Matthew Medney, CEO of Heavy Metal. "It is time for the next stage of the digital landscape to take shape. The ecosystem that Artefy has delivered positions the company to be a long-standing player in this next phase of digital consumerism."

As part of a partnership with the legendary publisher, EverScapes will also be doing an NFT drop inspired by Heavy Metal Magazine's modern and classic covers, which will include NFTs of covers created by the visionary Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, known for creating the artwork for the original Star Wars poster and for their Lord of the Rings paintings.

"The amazing work the EverScapes studio is doing to bring my art to life through animation and this incredible technology has been really inspiring," said artist Greg Hildebrandt. "I can't wait to see how fantasy art fans react when they see this all unfold."

Art and collectibles on EverScapes are made to be shown off in creative ways. Users will be able to curate and display collectibles in fantasy, sci-fi and horror themed virtual galleries and add special items and features inside to personalise galleries individually. Users can then share and show off their spaces and be rewarded for the number of visitors that have stopped by. EverScapes will be continually adding creative options to galleries with newly released sets on the platform tied to new themes and brand partnerships. EverScapes is designed to be more than just a marketplace for incredible art; it is also a community and a chance for fans to connect and to express themselves. With a wide range of price options for NFTs, EverScapes offers any level of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fan the ability to collect extraordinary art from within extraordinary worlds.

EverScapes and Artefy's NFTs are environmentally friendly, as the platform is built upon the Polygon network which is based on Proof of Stake blockchain technology. This uses about 1000 times less energy than the majority of existing NFT platforms that run off of Proof of Work algorithms. This means the energy it takes for the site to run is about the same as running your home computer. It's EverScape's and Artefy's mission to leave a mark on the world through art, not through harming the environment.

Additional EverScapes releases and creative partnerships will be announced soon, with many on the radar.


Artefy was borne from the desire to create a home for the world's greatest collections of art and digital collectables in a way that centers around the artist and the fan. As a platform Artefy is a fully integrated ecosphere – a marketplace with smart contract functionality, minting, gamification, tokenisation, and a growing blockchain-based NFT inventory of truly unique collectables built by a best-in-class team of designers, animators and developers from across the globe.

Artefy has harnessed cutting edge technologies to provide a powerful platform that enables fans to discover, collect and share. Over the past 12 months, the Artefy team has worked hard to build a platform that is both robust and accessible for the artist and the fan alike. With many high-profile projects in the pipeline, users will continually be able to immerse themselves in new worlds and experiences. The goal is to allow artists and fans to decide what they would like to be able do on the platform, and to set about making that a reality.

The team at Artefy are quick to point out that the real power of Artefy lies in the art itself: in the assembly of genre-defining, internationally acclaimed artists, in the unique approach to curation, and in the power of community. We are enabling fans and artists to share, discover, and connect with other fans and with the artist and creators themselves – all powered by cutting edge technology and, most importantly, fueled by the passion of our artists and fans.

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