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The Smartest Fun Your Kids Will Ever Have: How X-RobotX Is Reshaping STEM Education on Long Island and Beyond

In this fast-paced, technology-led world, having an in-depth understanding of all things digital is more important than ever. X-RobotX is an innovative, new provider of STEM and Lego Robotics education to equip your child for the world of tomorrow.

I oversee everything personally and guarantee an immersive, exciting, educational experience for everyone involved. That's why we say it's the smartest fun your kids will ever have!

    MASSAPEQUA, NY, October 19, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Kids nowadays are cut from a different cloth. While you, the parent, are still struggling with the latest iOS upgrade and scratching your head over Common Core, it's easy to forget that this stuff is second nature to our young ones. They're coming of age in a time of touchscreens, communications tools, and innovation the likes of which none of us could have imagined even ten years ago.

Simply put: This is a digital revolution and only those with a comprehensive understanding of technology are going to stand out and seize the best opportunities. That's why it's so important to introduce engineering basics to your children now, and equip them with the tools they'll need—and thank you for—later.

So, where do you begin?

Meet X-RobotX (pronounced X-Robotics), New York's preeminent STEM and Lego Robotics program with over 15 years of experience and industry-wide acclaim. X-RobotX is a leader in educational innovation, as well as a pioneer and trailblazer in the expanding field of robotics. They specialize in after school programs, coding boot camps, even birthday parties. X-RobotX has been around for awhile, but now that the rest of the world is catching up, people are really starting to take notice.

Led by Peter Xanthus, also known as "Mr. X", these fun and engaging classes have been specifically created to provide children with the building blocks needed to succeed in the digital world. Focusing on helping kids take their first steps into the challenging world of STEM and Lego Robotics, Mr. X personally runs all of X-RobotX's classes and camps, ages five and up. He is globally recognized as an industry leader and firebrand in the robotics sphere.

"The world is becoming increasingly more digital," explains Mr. Xanthus, also CEO and Founder. "Being able to stay ahead of the ever-changing trends is incredibly challenging, but even more rewarding. I oversee everything personally and guarantee an immersive, exciting, educational experience for everyone involved. That's why we say it's the smartest fun your kids will ever have!"

X-RobotX was established in order to provide children with their first steps into the modern world through fun and engaging means. "Mr. X" has carefully curated each session to ensure that the youngsters are able to maximize their learning and have the edge whenever technological opportunity arises in their lives. He currently focuses on the New York City and Long Island regions, where he is able to maintain his hands-on approach and ensure that all brand standards and health requirements are met. Above all, he takes great pride in seeing his students thrive in the engineering world.

Xanthus adds: "People don't realize this, but youth robotics participants are twice as likely to major in a STEM field. Nearly half of them major in engineering. Nearly all of them acknowledge the importance of school, especially a college education. I've been an educator for nearly two decades, and, frankly, statistics like that I've never seen anywhere else."

So, parents, take the first step today and reach out to X-RobotX for a free telephone or e-mail consultation. X-RobotX invites you to better understand the program and find out what it can do for your kids.

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