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Sofie Berga's book "Raising Manifestors: The Ultimate Empowerment Guide for Awakened Parents" Becomes A Best Seller!

Raising Manifestors: The Ultimate Empowerment Guide for Awakened Parents became an international best seller on launch day!

    LISELEJE, DENMARK, October 27, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- September 16, 2021 Sofie Berga launched her new book "Raising Manifestors: The Ultimate Empowerment Guide for Awakened Parents", and it Became a Best Seller.

As parents, our hopes and dreams for our children vary as wildly as our personalities, but we all wish for them to be happy and successful. This book introduces a new paradigm of parenting where the author combines wisdom gleaned from the popular Law of Attraction, with her knowledge as a life coach, her own upbringing in Denmark and her joyous adventure raising her own son and daughter.

Chapter by chapter, you will learn not only to prepare your children to identify and follow their own paths to happiness and success, but also how to help them attract the life they want with ease. Reading this book will help you create joy within your family and teach your children to trust it, so that happiness becomes not just a destination, but the journey itself, and also the very means to their success.

Combining philosophy, practical tips and illustrative examples, this book is easy to understand. It guides parents to make changes to their own beliefs, behaviors and directions that will naturally impact their everyday parenting, and subsequently change the course of their children's lives. Sofie Berga is a certified life coach who specializes in working with mothers and teens. This book is the ultimate empowerment parenting tool that will help you and your children harness the power of the Universal Laws, and is the next best thing to having a personal parenting coach at your side.

In a recent interview on the Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show, Sofie said, "There's a new paradigm surfacing. It has for a long time actually. Some call it law of attraction or manifestation, but it's basically that we can work with the laws of the universe to attract success or the life that we want. I've studied this a lot and live it myself and I decided to marry my love of parenting and my love for manifesting and law of attraction into a book. —Manifestation and the universe laws are really interesting and continues to bring magic into my life. "

The host, Steve Kidd said, "It is so incredible what the Laws of Attraction can bring into your life! The tips that Sofie shares in her new book are absolutely invaluable when it comes to raising our children. I encourage everyone to get her book on Amazon today!"

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Sofie was raised in Denmark with the Danish Way of Parenting and has worked with kids of all ages as a pediatric nurse for over 20 years. She was taught coaching at the accredited Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) in San Francisco, has studied with Tony Robbins and been an avid reader of everything Spiritual and metaphysical. Besides "Raising Manifestors" Sofie has self-published 5 picture books, helping small children prepare for medical procedures and is currently offering "The Motherhood Academy of Magic" to help parents live in Flow while raising manifestors as well as the Excelsior Program, helping teens improve their emotional intelligence, self-awareness and self-confidence.

Sofie can be found on Facebook and at her website

Sofie Raised her own two kids largely as a single mom in the United States and recently moved back to Denmark with her kids to be with her friends and family. She still coaches clients via Zoom in both Denmark and the USA.

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