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Dr. Henry Halladay's 'Learn Learn Learn' Tech Series Unveils New Episodes and New Logo. Will the Hit Podumentary Also Return For a Third Season?

Learn Learn Learn, Henry Halladay's acclaimed podumentary, is debuting its highly anticipated sixth episode today, with Q&A review show in tow. Sporting a fresh, new logo and news of a third season renewal, 'Learn' is looking unstoppable right now.

I dedicate daily a significant part of my life to learning about and understanding technology... One thing is for sure: As I learn, so will you!

    BELLEVUE, WA, October 25, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Henry Halladay returns for another installment of Learn Learn Learn, the beloved podumentary series that explores technology and the many ways it impacts our lives. In this new episode (the show's second of Season Two, sixth overall) titled, 'Tomorrow's Technology…Today', Henry takes us back over some of his favorite subjects—transportation, robotics, automation, to name a few—and provides a much needed update. He revisits these topics not because he didn't cover them adequately before (he did), but rather because technology itself is a fluid form where innovation and growth are always on the move, always evolving. By routinely reexamining things, Henry can be sure that he's keeping his audience up to date on these ever-important matters.

This episode, the first to bear the series' completely redesigned logo, also shines its light on some newer topics like cryptocurrency and the blockchain, which Henry delves deeper into than ever before. Other topics, like computer architecture and UFO sightings, are completely uncharted territory for the show, but as host Halladay learns more about them, he will impart his findings and wisdom to whomever out there is tuning in.

"We are now seeing in technology things we could only have dreamed about a short decade or two ago," says Dr. Halladay, host of Learn Learn Learn. "I dedicate daily a significant part of my life to learning about and understanding technology. It is sometimes hard to keep up because it moves so quickly nowadays. One thing is for sure: As I learn, so will you!"

Henry Halladay and his production team understand the importance of making such dense material relatable, which is why they prioritize accessibility over many more trivial things when it comes to the production of Learn Learn Learn. New for Season Two (as seen in the previous episode, '5G Helps') is an enhanced visual style compared to the first season. This includes actual motion picture video interspersed with the usual still images, as well as enhanced audiovisual hallmarks all around, which altogether allows for a more immersive, seemingly tangible experience. Halladay & Co. aim to preserve the simple qualities people know and love, but at the same time allow for an extended palette of colors with which to deliver greater depth and substance to each new episode. With Learn Learn Learn, people get the whole package, beauty and brains.

"There is a definite relationship between engineering and art," explains Henry Halladay. "Not everyone can readily identify it, but it's there. Aside from its primary objectives, technology can also serve as a great expression of creativity. My show does its best to straddle both those worlds, which is one of the reasons we believe it's so relatable. We provide hard facts, thoughtful opinion, and aesthetically pleasing content designed to stimulate the mind and enhance the audience's understanding."

(Of course, Henry Halladay is no stranger to the unique relationship between engineering and art. Check out his recently launched speciality website!)

Fans tuning into 'Tomorrow's Technology… Today' will once again be treated to a bonus episode of Learn Learn Learn in the form of a brand new Q&A episode! Even though the Q&A format is rooted in the live radio tradition (unlike Learn Learn Learn proper) it is still given the royal treatment; it is a fully produced podumentary in its own right. So, essentially, viewers get two complete programs at once. This is true of all scheduled episodes going forward: Each new installment carries with it a Q&A reviewing last year's material. This is a great way to stay up-to-date on Henry's past lessons, while taking in all the new knowledge as well. As always, Henry makes the complex understandable.

Last, but certainly not least, Henry Halladay and the producers of Learn Learn Learn are pleased to confirm that the acclaimed podumentary series will in fact be returning for a third season after this current one draws to a close. Fans will also be happy to learn that Season Three will continue with the Q&A bonus episode tradition.

To view the brand new Learn Learn Learn episode, 'Tomorrow's Technology…Today', please click here. For the Q&A click here.

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