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Rod Jao Opens Up About His Philanthropic Efforts

While Rod Jao is the CEO of a very successful organization, to him, true success is being able to give back.

    VANCOUVER, BC, October 28, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Success looks different to a lot of people. For some, it's a big house with luxury cars and invites to all the exclusive A-list events. Rod Jao knows that he can help a neighbor in need or provide donations to local schools and hospitals. This booming businessman isn't happy unless he's been able to make someone else's day a little easier.

Many people are familiar with Rod Jao's work with Allysian Science Inc., the co-founder and CEO of the company. However, what they don't know about Jao is all of his philanthropic efforts. This down-to-earth CEO prides himself on being able to contribute to many charities and organizations.

Rod Jao grew up in what he describes as a humble household. He was taught at a young age that nothing feels as good as being able to help someone in need. Growing up in the Philippines, the Jao family had everything they needed for a comfortable life.

However, Rod Jao saw how many of the families in his native country were struggling. The everyday necessities, like food, hygiene products, and medicines, were too much for these families to afford. Seeing so many families go without the essential items people need for living inspired Rod Jao to work hard so he could be successful enough to help them.

Every time Rod Jao contributes to a philanthropic cause, he thinks of the very families that grew up in his hometown. In his mind, donating to a cause that can help struggling families get by is much more satisfying than a vacation house in the Hamptons.

Rod Jao is an inspiration to many people worldwide, but it didn't come easy to him. He does a lot of his work from his own home office, which gives him the freedom to make his schedule. However, he stays strict with his daily agenda to fit as many meetings and projects as he can into one day while also spending time with his family.

This sense of discipline has set Rod Jao on the path to success. Throughout the years, Jao has accomplished a lot with his business. However, to him, the most significant accomplishment has been supporting many people and organizations who needed a helping hand.

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