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Helping Pioneer The Newest Trend, ApolloRebase Shoots For The Stars

    LONDON, ENGLAND, October 29, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- ApolloRebase is ready to reach the moon with its Shill Competition, giving out rewards to the amount of $5000 to those who can help the developers grow the project further. ApolloRebase has been successfully listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko along with getting audited by Solidity. ApolloRebase is the first platform that uses rebasing as a core mechanism to ensure an increase in value of the native token $APR. The holders of the $APR token will enjoy consistent growth in the value of their tokens irrespective of the supply.

Pioneering the Market with Rebasing
The crypto market, like any other market, is full of volatility, specially when it comes to pricing and the impact of supply on the overall project health. ApolloRebase solves this issue by taking out the volatility and setting a fixed price bar while making efforts to sustain it.

ApolloRebase will ensure consistency in price while fluctuating the supply without changing the final value of the token. In the long run, the number of tokens in the user's wallet might reduce, but their value will not change.

This is done by rebasing. ApolloRebase is a token with elastic supply that follows the principles of rebasing to ensure increase in the price value. The final token supply may shift up or down in accordance with the demand. The platform utilizes negative rebasing to stimulate an increase in the final value of the tokens. The total supply of the tokens is reduced to sustain the value or target price.

Offering Stability With Profits
ApolloRebase follows negative rebasing. The $APR token supply one holds in wallet will reduce to ensure price sustainability. At present, the platform has set a ceiling price of $1. If, due to the market forces, price goes below $1, the platform will move into a negative rebasing, which will reduce the current supply, stimulating an increase in the price, bringing it back to $1.

Due to this, the number of tokens in the user's wallet might take a dip, but they won't lose their value, albeit the value of these tokens will only increase. In terms of their rewards distribution, the users are given rewards in BUSD. 2% BUSD reward is applied to every transaction on the platform. Either a user is buying tokens or selling them, 2% BUSD is shared between the holders.

2% of each transaction is added to the liquidity base that will ensure a solid price settlement in favor of the token holders. 2% of each transaction is sent to the development team and 5% of every translation is forwarded to the marketing budget meant to grow ApolloRebase.

About ApolloRebase
ApolloRebase is an elastic supply token working on the principles of negative rebasing to ensure consistent token value while fluctuating the token supply if and when required. The platform goes through rebasing every 8 hours to sustain the pegged price. ApolloRebase is the first platform working on the principles of rebasing to protect the price floor. Once the price of $1 is reached the $APR token will turn into a stable token and start building the phase 2 of the project to build a Decentralized Exchange allowing the investors to lend and borrow tokens from the platform itself. As one of the innovative platforms working in a new direction, ApolloRebase wishes to bring about an innovative change in the crypto space.

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