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Buy Dirt – Realtors Land Institute Colorado Chapter Fall 2021 Association Report

It is Always the Right Time to Invest In Land

    LAKE CITY, CO, November 01, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Land has always been one of the most valued, if not the most valuable, assets in existence. This has rung true since the beginning of time, and land has only become increasingly more valuable over time. That is precisely why we recommend that you invest in land. Or "buy dirt" for lack of better words. This dirt provides security like no other investment can. As the revered American author Mark Twain once said, "Buy land, they're not making it anymore."

Dirt isn't just dirt. For many, it represents a lifelong dream to own a piece of the great American Wilderness in the Mountain West, living off of all that the land provides, soaking in nature's beauty, and truly living life on your terms. Building this "dirt" legacy creates a slew of opportunities few other investments could even dream of. Historically, investing in "dirt" has generated a significant amount of wealth over time and produced strong returns from a variety of perspectives. While land can provide a wide variety of things, the most precious return on investment is the ability to pass it on to the next generation. Like all other forms of investments, some land performs better than others, but history clearly illustrates that buying "dirt" is a great way to create, protect, and transfer wealth across generations.

Land and all that it provides – necessities like food, water, and shelter alongside the limitless potential – has always been, and will continue to be, a finite asset resource that allows economies to flourish, nations to grow, and individuals to thrive. At M4 Ranch Group, we've been blessed to witness this growth firsthand in our work helping others find and purchase the rare "dirt" they want to spend time on. Our lifelong passion for the outdoors and ranch experience gives us a unique perspective on land, land stewardship, land values, and ideas about what the future has in store for ranch or landowners in the modern American West. Every buyer has their own unique combinations of goals, needs, desires, and visions of what landownership means for them, and we've learned a lot from all the different individuals we've worked with over the years. Additionally, because of the beautiful amount of diversity Mother Nature has created and the fact that land is everchanging, no two pieces of land are the same. This has given us the perfect opportunity to take advantage of each property's unique characteristics and match them to the appropriate buyer.

Just as the land itself changes, many of our conversations about it have changed. Start with regional benefits, the recreational assets in the area the historic demand for properties like it, how local governments deal with building regulations, wildlife, and access. We now spend a large amount of time factoring in endangered species, river restoration projects, habitat enhancement, big game herd counts, migrations, health, and public land access in discussions with our buyers. For a buyer to determine the kind of value they can generate and how they can protect their "dirt" investment for future generations, making conservation values more important than ever.

M4 Ranch Group is a real estate agency that specializes in selling and marketing premium ranch real estate, agricultural land, recreational properties, and luxury ranches for sale in Colorado and New Mexico. We have a passion for preserving, living, and helping others experience the ranching and recreational lifestyle and treat every partnership with the same respect and integrity the great outdoors represents.

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