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Laurence Thomas bridges the Generational Gap with his new book Dear Grandchild

Laurence Thomas is the vice-president of "UHURU4US" and the author of the soon-to-be-released fictional book Dear Grandchild.

    MILWAUKEE, WI, November 03, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The author, in his book, confronts the social differences that society has created by labeling different generations of the same family. The terms GEN X, Millennials, and Boomer have created disruption between the different generations and caused them to bicker amongst themselves on minuscule topics rather than learn from each other's experiences.

The author identified this generational gap to be more destructive than customarily showcased. Wisdom and intelligence in anything are only gained through experience or exposure to that specific entity. The only bypass to this is to gather this wisdom from people who have experienced that before you and be knowledgeable about that.

The only fountain of wisdom where the younger generation can find knowledge and experience in all phases of life are our elders, such as grandparents. Our elders have amassed a lifetime of experience under their belt. As the younger generation, suppose we stay trapped in the social norms and keep distancing ourselves from our ancestors. In that case, we will be stuck repeating their mistakes and further fall back in a race we already started last. We need to become closer to our elders to gain access to all the generational wisdom they gained from a lifetime of trial and error to have a good chance of succeeding in life.

Laurence also addresses the older generation not to be stuck in the older ways, and rather than being a constant nag on the younger generation's conduct, try to understand their nature, their struggles and compare those struggles with the hurdles they maneuvered through in their lifetime to provide them with a paved way that is ideal for conquering their present dilemmas.

He emphasizes that the need to guide the next generation through a better path should always be a top priority for the older generation as this is the only way to continue their legacy and mark their name on their family's history. With the increasing number of grandparents assuming the role of caretaker in American homes today, it becomes increasingly more important to maximize the time with the children to educate them and have real conversations with them.

About the author
Laurence Thomas has retired from 3 productive careers. His first career was with the U.S. Army. During his time in the Army, he was able to travel the globe and experience a number of cultures. Always a people person, Laurence was able to win over folks everywhere he traveled and became familiar with the languages and customs of many countries. His military service culminated with service in the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait immediately following the 1st Gulf War. Directly working with U.S. Ambassador "Skip" Gneme in rebuilding the Military Foreign Sales Program at the embassy, was a highlight in his career. His next career was with the Social Security Administration (SSA) where he processed applications for disability, retirement, and Social Security Cards. He also served as Case Manager for thousands receiving benefits. During his time with SSA, Laurence was elected President of the Union for all Arizona employees, serving 3 unopposed terms. Additional duties included advocating for all Arizona citizens in every matter concerning Social Security. His lobbying efforts with the U.S. Congress produced significant changes. During his tenure, he became adept at negotiating blueprints, EEOC matters, grievances, and presenting cases before federal judges and agencies such as the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA). His third career was as a sales representative and trainer with UPS. His biggest takeaway and joy in this career was working in an environment where diversity was truly a priority. Grandfather to 9, he has learned the value of having meaningful conversations with one's progeny.

Education consulting for adults. Now with a production company prepared to publish books that educate and entertain.

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