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VIRTUE in The Heart of Times Square

VIRTUE Clan have made their first steps in the NFT world this year teaming up with remarkable artists from around the world. This November their work has been shown at the biggest crypto-art-fair event to date located in the heart of New York.

Together with the NFT Magazine, VIRTUE Clan has lined up some of the most innovative digital artists of this generation to present their work at one of the most iconic places on the planet.

    NEW YORK, NY, November 04, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Together with the NFT Magazine, VIRTUE Clan has lined up some of the most innovative digital artists of this generation to present their work at one of the most iconic places on the planet. The Crypto Art Fair has launched on November 2nd and was held in the heart of Times Square on the highest resolution billboard in New York's history. With 26.6 million pixels, a resolution of 3,480 x 7,100 and 17,000 square feet in size, it can definitely catch the attention of hundreds of onlookers making it the perfect place to advertise your work. And that's exactly what happened during this event.

If you are a fan of art or simply a user in the digital world, you have most likely heard of NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens). NFT's can be anything digital such as drawings, stickers, 3D art or music stored on a blockchain. No NFT is the same, every NFT toke is one of a kind which is what makes it so exciting. Today, NFT's are used more as collectibles for collectors or a way of making a quick buck (or millions of bucks) selling your own one of a kind digital art. We are seeing more and more ways how NFT's can be used in the virtual world. As announced recently by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, Facebook changed its corporate name to 'Meta' to rebrand itself as a forward-looking creator of a new digital world known as the "metaverse." We have already seen a glimpse of NFT's being used in the virtual VR world and I cannot wait to see more of it!

But are these tokens really that popular and why were they shown on one of the biggest billboards in the world? Non-Fungible Tokens have been around since 2014 but their popularity grew rapidly in March this year when a British auction house sold an NFT of 'Everydays—The First 5,000 Days', a work of art by Mike Winkelmann, for $69 million. Popularity quickly grew not just in big companies and famous individuals but teenagers who can use their talent to try and earn some cash. NFT's really went off this year. When compared to Q1 of 2020 and Q1 of 2021, NFT marketplaces volume grew 26x (Source: DappRadar).

With the sudden surge of NFT's around the world, some very innovative NFT creators have recently joined VIRTUE Clan and most of them had the chance to appear on the biggest screen in Times Square. We had the chance to see the collaboration between VIRTUE and Balex Sneakers (two 'V-ARCANE' editions which sold within hours), Lord Pretty ('V-ORPHICS') and Deniz Bostanov who created the intro for the VIRTUE Clan NFT showcase and who designed the 'VIRTUE Unlimited - Founders Collection'. VIRTUE Clan is also working with NFT Crypto Bikes and Ragdollz who have also designed exclusive VIRTUE Clan NFT's.

Other big creators who took part in the Crypto Art Fair is Andreas Wannerstedt, Ted's Little Dream, Aeforia, Alex Christodoulou, Alexa Meade, Android Jones, Annibale Siconnolfi, David McLeod, Eduard Mykhailov, Federico Clapis, Klarens, Madebystudiojq, Marco Mori, Monika Singh, Ondrej Zunka, Roger Kilimanjaro, Vexx, Steven Baltay, Xsullo, Kidmograph, Shane F3D, Clay Weishaar, Jason Ebeyer, James Tralie, Bondukestudio and more.

VIRTUE Clan was founded in 2011 and is a digital intelligence agency and a private network consisting of 600+ high end individuals and organisations. Their focus is to empower the next generation of creators from around the world by "supplying new solutions, free-trade zones and social ecosystems" (Source:

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