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What Carl Koeneman, ETH Trader, Says About the State of Crypto

Why people should get involved with cryptocurrency

    CHICAGO, IL, November 04, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Cryptocurrency trader Carl Koeneman knows when it's an excellent time to make a trade. He's no stranger to the trading market or how cryptocurrency operates. Over the past year, cryptocurrency has seen a massive rise in demand. More people are getting involved in cryptocurrency than ever before.

To Carl Koeneman, this rise in demand is no surprise. After all, the cryptocurrency market has been providing people with a way to take advantage of many financial opportunities without getting the banks involved. Koeneman believes that with the state crypto is in now, it's one of the best times for anyone interested in trading to get involved.

Over $2 trillion was invested in cryptocurrency in 2021 alone, and that amount continues to rise each day. People who are serious about the trading market could see the potential in making trades and exchanges while the trading market is as hot as it is right now.

Carl Koeneman started his career as a financial advisor. He spent his days helping many people with their financial situations and earned a reputation as the man to call when someone needed great financial advice. In more recent years, Koeneman's clients started asking him more questions about cryptocurrency.

Even a lot of new clients were making appointments with him to seek advice on trading. It became clear to this financial expert that he needed to learn more about cryptocurrency trading. With all of his years of experience in the financial industry, exploring the cryptocurrency market came naturally to Carl Koeneman.

Before he knew it, Koeneman was having a lot of financial success with trading. He mainly took an interest in Ethereum because of its unique approach to trading. ETH is a decentralized and open-source blockchain, which provides more opportunities to both new and veteran traders.

The rise of cryptocurrency has brought a lot of different trading options to the table. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency and currently takes up over 65 % of the trading market. Everybody has heard about Bitcoin, even if they don't know a thing about trading. However, many other cryptocurrency markets are attracting traders across the globe.

Ethereum is the second highest cryptocurrency in demand, and Carl Koeneman believes it will soon rise above Bitcoin in appeal. ETH offers a lot more opportunities to new traders than other types of cryptocurrency. One of the most intriguing aspects of ETH is that traders can exchange NFTs.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens in which the traders create a unique token to be exchanged. With Ethereum, all NFTs must be in digital format. NFT creators are free to get creative as possible with their tokens. They can create GIFs, avatars, poems, and more. This gives a lot of people who don't have money to invest a way to monetize off of the things they create.

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