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makeSEA Achieves Livestream Pay-per-view Event History in the Metaverse

Bringing live broadcast spatial content production and co-presence to 360-surround livestream event experiences

makeSEA + Catapult is a cross-device Content Management and Collaboration Platform for AR and VR that reduces production and refresh times for mixed reality apps by 10x - 100x.

    SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, November 11, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- has joined forces with to make history offering a new sense of reality at live sporting and entertainment events. For the first time ever, users can attend live and prerecorded pay-per-view event experiences in VR and AR devices, along with others as if physically present together at the venue. Attendees experience live content produced by LEVR and delivered to viewers using the LEVR TV app developed by makeSEA and built on-top of the makeSEA Content Management & Collaboration Platform and Catapult app for AR & VR (XR). Users can watch the events live with friends, interact with the general audience and shared content, and move between lounge and 360-degree VRENA℠ spaces. They view live action events in streaming 360-surround video at up to 8K resolution enhanced with live-produced and interactive spatial content.

The inaugural broadcast was produced for Celebrity Championship Boxing, broadcast live from the US Virgin Islands, on October 23, 2021. Attendees were able to view the event ringside in surround video, and from the comfort of a swanky VR lounge adorned with multiple screens also streaming the live event, along with friends as if together, who were in different physical locations across the US and abroad. Users who attended used Meta (Oculus) Quest devices as part of their Metaverse experience, offering exceptional experiential quality and resolution. The venue is reusable, and the content replaceable, making disposable, single-use XR applications a thing of the past. The Platform also allows for live content production (injection, triggering, manipulation), and live interaction with the audience using spatial content for VR and AR, and supports virtually unlimited audience sizes with automatic scaling and proximity-based communications with others.

Chris Stavros, CEO at makeSEA stated that, "makeSEA + Catapult is a cross-device Content Management and Collaboration Platform for AR and VR that reduces production and refresh times for mixed reality apps by 10x - 100x. For the LEVR TV app, using makeSEA and Catapult helped reduce implementation time to weeks, providing a publishing and update workflow that has reduced the development and operating costs for LEVR by more than 80% as compared to traditional production methods."

makeSEA puts the power of sharing and live collaboration in the hands of everyone, any educator, and any business. makeSEA is the fastest way to get your content onto your XR device with no programming requirements and real-time updates. The California based company serves multiple educational institutions, a diverse range of business clientele, and individual creators and designers.

Companies, organizations, and individuals seeking to explore how to use AR and VR technology should contact makeSEA to learn how easy and affordable XR content production can be using makeSEA Content Management & Collaboration Platform.

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