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A Completed Guide to Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is a product that lays on top of the current mattress to enhance the feel, making it more comfortable. The toppers can be an inexpensive solution for those who want to upgrade a bed but aren't ready to invest in a new mattress.

    NEW YORK, NY, November 12, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A mattress topper can be purchased in pieces or sets, and they directly lay on top of the bed, so it's easy to replace. They're an excellent way to add some extra cushioning, and many of them are machine washable.

Types of Mattress Toppers

1. Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Memory foam is a common material used in these products because it provides pressure relief and contouring to your body. The pressure you feel from lying on one area of your body for too long will eventually transfer to another part of your body. However, pressure points are more evenly distributed with memory foam, so you don't feel as much pressure.

Memory foam mattress toppers have a reputation for being ultra-comfortable. These can help with back pain and pain points, and they're perfect for people who like to sleep on their side. In addition, they provide pressure relief, and they help ensure you don't wake up feeling stiff in the morning. Newer memory foam mattress toppers often feature a modern, open-cell structure that's designed to dissipate heat and keep you cool throughout the night.

2. Latex Mattress Toppers

Latex Mattress Toppers are an excellent way for people with allergies to get some extra comfort. These types are firmer than memory foam, and they dissipate heat exceptionally well, so you won't feel too hot at night, making them an excellent choice for warm sleepers. Additionally, they can often provide wonderful spinal lift and support for those who suffer from back pain.

Latex foam mattress toppers are noted for being firm and sturdy but also comfortable. They provide pressure relief, but they're not too soft, so you should still feel supported when you lie down. This type of product is often hypoallergenic, so it's perfect for people who have allergies or asthma. In addition, many models are available with a soft cotton cover that's easy to clean.

Benefits of a Mattress Topper

1. Latex

Latex mattress toppers add back and spinal support, so you'll wake up feeling refreshed. These products come with a cotton cover that's machine washable, and they absorb heat so you won't be uncomfortably hot at night. They're perfect for people who need the extra cushioning because it provides pressure relief, but they're still firm enough that you'll still feel supported when you lie down.

Latex mattress toppers are ideal for those who are looking for added back or spinal support. These products are designed to absorb heat, provide pressure relief, and help ensure you don't wake up feeling stiff in the morning.

2. Memory Foam

Memory foam absorbs heat and pressure, which means your pressure points are evenly distributed, and you don't feel as much pressure on a particular area of your body. Although memory foam can be a bit more expensive than other materials such as cotton or polyurethane, it is often worth the price. In addition, memory foam mattress toppers should contour to your body so the pressure is alleviated and you get a better night's sleep.

How to Choose A Mattress Topper?

Memory foam mattress toppers are great for individuals who sleep on their sides, as they are soft and plush and are great for relieving side pain. Latex mattress toppers are often excellent choices for those who need firmer support or feel hot during the night. Latex is also naturally resistant to pressure build-up.

Memory foam mattress toppers are great for individuals who sleep on their backs, as they contour to your body and relieve pressure points that contribute to back pain. It is especially beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain or sensitive pressure points.

Do You Need a Maxzzz Topper?

Many individuals grow tired of waking up with a sore back and stiff neck. That's why we created our Maxzzz Toppers, our most innovative memory foam toppers that provide the pressure relief and support you need while you sleep.

Maxzzz's supportive copper memory foam topper helps provide support and strength to those struggling with achy joints. With better support, it should also help reduce snoring and improve circulation so you can wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

Maxzzz's cooling gel memory foam topper employs gel and a ventilated construction to provide a specialized mattress topper to keep you comfortable and cool during the warmest nights.

The hypoallergenic bamboo mattress topper uses charcoal and bamboo to absorb and dissipate heat. Further, charcoal minimizes odor, keeping your bed fresh longer.


Does a mattress topper really help?

Mattresses, even the most expensive ones, lose their comfort after a couple of years of use. Although nothing can replace getting a new mattress, adding a mattress topper can make an old bed feel new again. Mattress toppers are great for pressure relief and are generally cheaper than buying a new mattress. If your bed is just uncomfortable rather than worn out, then this is an easy way to get more pressure-relieving comfort without spending too much money.

One of the benefits of using a memory foam mattress topper is pressure relief. So what does this pressure release actually mean for you? It means that pressure build-up from lying down for too long will be transferred to another part of your body, making your sleep even.

When pressure points are relieved, you will not experience any pressure point pain while using it. This cushioning material equalizes the pressure that your body exerts against mattresses; making pressure more evenly distributed throughout the whole surface of your body rather than focusing on parts like most standard pillow tops.

Do mattress toppers make you hot?

Some poorer quality mattress toppers can make you feel hot and sweaty, likely because they contain traditional memory foam rather than modern materials, which retain heat.

Maxzzz mattress toppers are expertly explicitly designed to reduce heat and maximize comfort. Our modern memory foam is designed with aerated holes to minimize heat, and our copper topper is also constructed to keep you cool as well.

What's the difference between a mattress pad and a topper?

Mattress pads and toppers are different, despite sounding like similar products. Mattress toppers are thicker than mattress pads and are created specifically to alter the experience a mattress provides. On the other hand, Mattress pads are often only to create a more superficial softer feel, rather than providing significant support or pressure relief as a topper might.

For over 38 years, Maxzzz has helped people all around the world get more restorative sleep. By providing our customers with expertly engineered sleep products, we hope to foster profound sleep on a global scale. Mattress by mattress, topper by topper, pillow by pillow, we're sharing the joy of good sleep for the greater good.

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