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Toby Evans Is Back with 'Old Lives, New Lives', Third in Her Acclaimed Soul-Bridge Series. It Is Being Hailed as Her Most Powerful Vision Yet

Acclaimed author and owner of Sagebrush Exchange, Toby Evans returns with the long-awaited third episode of her Soul-Bridge podumentary series. Viewers can expect a whole new experience.

I am so excited for the world to see and hear 'Old Lives, New Lives'. It was a long time coming, but it's here finally and it was worth the wait.

    SIBLEY, MO, November 15, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Back in December of 2019, a then-unknown show by the name of Soul-Bridge with Toby Evans made a relatively unassuming debut. Sure, there had been some fanfare the week it was released, mainly in the form of news coverage and a Times Square, NYC billboard campaign, but overall it was pretty quiet. (Okay, we're downplaying it a little… the Times Square stuff was pretty spectacular!)

Now, here we are—one book, two years, and three episodes later—and Toby Evans finds herself enjoying the calm self-assurance that comes with having an established, celebrated series. "Old Lives, New Lives" debuts this week, and it is the latest spiritual experience brought to you by Ms. Evans under the Soul-Bridge name.

The series has been slow-moving due to the typical Covid-related delays of last year, but also the need to get everything absolutely perfect.

"Each episode is a spiritual journey and such journeys do not always come quickly or easily," explains Toby Evans, bestselling author and founder of Sagebrush Exchange. "They are hard-earned. The most important thing in doing this show for me is making the audience feel the way I felt when experiencing all of these things in the first place. I want them to walk away feeling like they've evolved in some way as a result of having taken the trip with me."

In the hands of a lesser artist this lofty goal would be a near-impossibility, but for Toby it's pretty much second nature, as she is amongst other things a professional communicator. Never before has such dense and esoteric subject matter been so relatable, so straightforward. It is testament to Ms. Evans' talent and gentle artistry that all of this comes across so effectively.

Soul-Bridge is in the traditional sense a serial program, but it is also so much more; it is a universal and non-linear journey. Toby is telling her stories, theories and feelings in a manner that is completely unglued to time as a concept. Just like the host herself, Soul-Bridge the program is a mercurial, shapeshifting entity. What might begin in 1982 could quickly become 2000—and then the late 1800s or early 1900s!

In this latest installment, "Old Lives, New Lives", Toby leads us on a winding path through the seven chakras as they relate to the paths within her legendary Prairie Labyrinth. She shares with the listener described interactions with friends, mentors, guests and past selves, all in highly intimate detail. Like sitting beside her in front of a raging fire sipping tea, Toby sets scene after scene and guides us by the hand through each one.

As a seasoned author (most recently of "Soul-Bridge to Original Light") Toby Evans is no stranger to making the complex understandable. This also extends to the show's production team; Soul-Bridge's devoted crew recently implemented, with Toby's blessing, a groundbreaking technical enhancement to the show in the form of "MoPic". This means fans of the show will still be getting the same Soul-Bridge they loved before, but now it includes a bevy of audiovisual improvements. Chief amongst these is the introduction of a video component, so now still images commingle with motion picture video, creating a truly immersive experience. Best of all, this will be included in all presently scheduled episodes of Soul-Bridge.

Toby Evans adds: "I am so excited for the world to see and hear 'Old Lives, New Lives'. It was a long time coming, but it's here finally and it was worth the wait. With the introduction of MoPic, I see this as the beginning of the next, important phase of my show. The feature itself helps put the viewer inside of what I'm saying. We want audience members to feel the heat, the cold, the touch, the light—all of it—and leave more illuminated than they were before."

Fans can expect all that and more starting today. They can also expect two more original songs composed and performed by Toby Evans. Soul-Bridge will continue breaking new ground as Toby navigates the changing seasons of life all around us.

To view Soul-Bridge "Old Lives, New Lives" click here.

To learn more about Toby Evans and her work please visit either of her two websites.

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Soul-Bridge with Toby Evans: "Old Lives, New Lives" (Episode Three)