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KELEA Activated Water: An Urgently Needed Answer to Society's Deteriorating Emotional Health

Also a Readily Available Means of Major Achieving Improvements in Overall Human and Animal Health, Agricultural Productivity, Fuel Economy, and Energy Utilization

    SOUTH PASADENA, CA, November 30, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The emotional health of the world's populations is seriously declining. This is reflected in the prevailing widespread social discord expressed as anger, frustration, depression, drug addiction, suicides, and homicides. For too many, life is simply less enjoyable than in previous decades. In these individuals, the brain is not working at the fullest potential, either as a means of appreciating the joy and privilege of living or being able to control socially inappropriate behaviors. The brain requires energy to function properly. The higher level of brain functioning is sustained by an environmental life-force referred to as KELEA, an abbreviation for Kinetic Energy Limiting Electrostatic Attraction. KELEA adds a dynamic or kinetic quality to the body's fluids in what is referred to as the Alternative Cellular Energy (ACE) pathway. The available levels of environmental KELEA have probably been reduced by the increasing amounts of manmade electromagnetic radiation.

KELEA can be added to water, which can then be potentially used to improve the emotional health of individuals. An important observation is that the KELEA activated water can be best applied in wearable waterceutical pouches. This finding arose from the reporting of added improvements in the emotional health of individuals who were accustomed to drinking some naturally activated water and who subsequently switched to wearing of a waterceutical pouch. The pouches are particularly effective when linked to a wellness engineering educational program that encourages users to improve upon their own brain's ability to directly attract KELEA from the environment.

MI Hope Inc. is a non-profit public charity formed by parents of children with mental illnesses. It has pioneered the research on KELEA and the ACE pathway. The research extended into the multiple uses of KELEA activated water and other fluids in human and animal health, agriculture, and certain industries. MI Hope Inc. has also evaluated the relative effectiveness and costs of multiple means of improving the quality of water. By far the simplest and least expensive method is the use of small containers of naturally activated water to continually radiate KELEA into larger volumes of fluids, including fuels. The local administration of KELEA activated water still has a role in the therapy of certain medical conditions, such as the treatment of burns, or restoring vitality to ischemic limbs.

Individuals and organizations are now needed to 1. Support continuing research into KELEA and the ACE pathway, and 2. Document and optimize the use of KELEA activated water in the many health, agricultural, and industrial applications. Collaborating individuals may be selected as primary Ambassadors and receive free training towards a Diploma in areas such as Wellness Engineering, Permaculture, Climate Change, Energy Management, etc. They will also be appointed as teams of faculty members in the proposed University of Quantum Dynamics within MI Hope Inc.

MI Hope Inc was incorporated in California in 1988. It is a non-profit Public Charity. The Tax Identification number is 33-0344475. Please address inquiries regarding MI Hope Inc or the above press release to [email protected]. A real urgency exists in moving forward with this program. Financial donations in the form of cash or shares are highly appreciated. A donation button exists at both and

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