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Dylan Sidoo Helps Donate $15,000 to Kids Play

Dylan Sidoo and his family recently committed to a $15,000 donation to Kids Play to help kids stay safe and active in sports.

    VANCOUVER, BC, November 30, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dylan Sidoo and his family recently committed to a $15,000 donation to Kids Play to help kids stay safe and active in sports. During an impressionable part of a child's life, it can be very tempting to make wrong decisions that impact life later on. This money goes towards giving young children an alternative that is as appealing as possible, so students stay engaged. Without engagement, no plan ends up being effective.

Dylan realizes there are quite a few expenses connected to what the Kids Play Foundation does for children. As an example, there are numerous programs for all different types of sports to keep students engaged. There are also counseling services, education classes, mentorships, and more that all cost money to put together.

The $15,000 donation made possible by Sidoo Family Giving will help out significantly with enhancing what the foundation already offers. A look at the Dylan Sidoo LinkedIn page shows that he's had time with the foundation before, helping them in various ways to make the experience for any child that much better.

Sidoo Family Giving is selective in who they donate money to, so there could be a possibility that more is on the way. Kids Play Foundation fits right into what they usually look for in a nonprofit organization, and since it's local to the Vancouver area, it makes that much more of a difference.

Jordan and Dylan Sidoo grew up playing sports in the greater Vancouver area. It's something that was in their blood, as their father, David Sidoo, spent five years in the Canadian Football League. Despite being undersized most of his playing career, Sidoo beat the odds and became the first Indo-Canadian player in professional football in Canada.

Once he transitioned to his career in business, he still encouraged both his sons to explore sports that made sense to them. Whether it be rugby, rowing, or other sports, the two spent a lot of time crafting their athletic skills from an early age. This was a way to keep out of trouble during formative years, while others did something else. Even though neither brother went professional in sports, it still crafted them to be the people they are today. Most former athletes connect their work to being on a sports team in some capacity.

That's precisely what Kids Play is hoping to bring to the table as well. With such a strong passion for sports, it was a perfect fit for the Dylan Sidoo family to join forces. If it worked for his family to drive success, it could make a huge impact on many kids out there who have never previously had the opportunity.

The Kids Play Foundation is a nonprofit organization helping kids avoid negatives such as drugs, gangs, and violence. They do so by encouraging sports at all levels, promoting healthy competition instead of idle time, leading to trouble.

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