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[Korea Contactless Technology] Safe Touch Display for Contact-free Devices

Prevent infectious diseases through elevators with contact-free space touch technology

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 10, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Even when COVID-19 caused confusion all over the world, hoarding did not take place only in Korea thanks to its innovative delivery system. Furthermore, the remaining vaccine reservation system developed by the government and private companies confirmed Korea's high IT infrastructure, and contact-free technologies such as artificial intelligence, delivery and quarantine robots, and IoT-based living platforms made Korea a quarantine-advanced country.

The Korean government is focusing on expanding contact-free services for our daily lives. Through this, it plans to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 and secure a leading position in the global contact-free service market in line with the era of digital transformation.

The National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) and Ministry of Science and ICT are discovering and expanding contact-free services for day-to-day life so that people can protect their daily lives from COVID-19 and enhance economic vitality. Main services include contact-free evaluation, safe touch, which is responsive to infectious diseases, smart mental care, infectious disease response robots, advanced lifestyle platform services, leisure, and home fitness platforms, and last-mile robot delivery.

Among them, the Safe Touch Display for Contact-Free Devices project, which was discovered in the field of "safe touch to respond to infectious diseases," was carried out by MARKETON Co., Ltd. and INITECH Co., Ltd. And netsket inc. as participating organizations.

The "Safe Touch Display for Contact-Free Devices" was developed as a non-contact safe touch technology that applies elevator buttons with state-of-the-art hologram technology to suppress virus infection as much as possible in elevators close to daily life. The technology, which can be used in various fields such as airports, large hospitals, office buildings, and financial ATMs, has been commercialized by floating hologram technology in the air on buttons in the form of pressing with existing touch or force.

"The elevator space is a relatively small, enclosed, dense and dense, one of so-called the ' 3 Tight-space Areas' that requires considerable attention in the COVID-19 situation," said Chang-joon Yang, CEO of MARKETON. "To prevent the spread of infectious diseases in elevators, one of the '3 Tight-space Areas', we have developed a space touch screen technology that enters three-dimensional holographic keypad images by hand in the air without touching them directly with our hands."

The hologram market, the next-generation display, is growing rapidly recently. According to Global Industry Analysts, a market research firm, the global hologram market is expected to grow at an annual average of 14% to $9.9 billion in 2015, and grow to $74.3 billion by 2025.

In particular, Global Industry Analysts predicts that the hologram display industry will be commercialized in earnest from 2025. CEO Chang-joon Yang said, "The domestic hologram industry is still in its infancy compared to major advanced countries such as the U.S., France, Japan, and China, but if we develop high value-added products and leading technologies more actively and mass-produce them, prices will be cheaper, and frequency of use will increase." Also, this technology will not only prevent the spread of COVID-19 but also help revitalize the hologram industry, which is a future growth engine, he predicted.

Holograms applied to safe touch displays for contact-free devices require a higher refractive angle than regular glasses. Through precise fine processing, MARKETON and participating companies succeeded in processing hologram glasses of various sizes with a wide viewing angle, excellent refractive index of light, a large number of pixels, and applicable for each device size, enabling high-quality safe touch display. The safe touch display for contact-free devices is currently installed at Cheongju International Airport and is conducting tests for commercialization.

"Holograms, which are being fostered as next-generation displays by major countries around the world, are representative contact-free technologies that are closely related to life,"said CEO Chang-joon Yang. He added, "We plan to develop into a company that contributes to the commercialization of hologram products, which are ICT products, based on contact-free safe touch products."

Meanwhile, in the process of promoting the spread of the "Safe Touch Display for Contact-Free Devices," MARKETON Co., Ltd., an executive agency, is in charge of planning and marketing contact-free safe touch products, localization R&D of core materials, and production of starters. Furthermore, INITECH Co., Ltd., a participating organization, is in charge of developing control boards and producing PCB boards, while Netsket Co., Ltd. plays a role in researching maximizing material efficiency and researching application plans.

Among them, Chang-joon Yang, CEO of MARKETON Co., Ltd., who organized the project, said, "We have been solving social problems by applying cutting-edge technologies." In the future, we plan to preemptively respond to rapidly changing social and economic trends by applying advanced ICT technologies such as holograms, artificial intelligence, and big data, he said.

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