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Pingyang, Wenzhou: Old Intangible Cultural Heritage Plays New Tricks

Recently, Mingshan village, Kunyang Town, Pingyang County won the medal of "national civilized villages and towns", and the cultural and tourism industry has formed a cluster effect.

    ZHEJIANG, CHINA, December 11, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- At the same time, Yifang Tanghe B & B in the village is stepping up preparations and is expected to be put into trial operation in the near future. A new rural painting that highlights intangible cultural heritage, adds color to cultural and creative works and adds color at night is slowly unfolding.

Mingshan village is located in the suburb of Kunyang town. It was built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. It is close to the mountain with water, and the village is surrounded by the river on three sides. The village has maintained rich historical roots and cultural relics, with many celebrities, ancient houses and ancient trees. It has two national intangible cultural heritages such as Wenzhou drum Ci and Pingyang puppet show, as well as a number of provincial and municipal intangible cultural heritage projects.

In recent years, Mingshan village has introduced a number of intangible cultural heritage industries such as Mingshan pottery court, forming agglomeration economies of scale. At the same time, taking the provincial historical and cultural village protection and utilization key village project and the beautiful village "moon project" as an opportunity, Mingshan village has vigorously developed rural tourism, successfully created a "non heritage creation free management block", and intensively displayed the county's non heritage projects, making "non Heritage culture" a highlight of rural tourism

Today, a total of 30 intangible cultural heritage industries and representative inheritance studios have settled in Mingshan village, changing the previous workshop business model and significantly improving the quality, R & D, experience and sales, so that the traditional intangible cultural heritage collides with a different spark. Among them, the most representative is Wenzhou literati porcelain, which shows the skill of egg painting on ou kiln. The scenery of jiangxinyu, Nanyan sight, flowers and birds and even cartoon images are vividly displayed on ceramic cups, porcelain plate paintings, tea utensils and other handicrafts. It is compatible with the charm of Ou kiln and egg painting, and creates considerable market value.

Nowadays, more and more tourists, especially young people, will walk along the Tanghe River at night to enjoy the night scenery, taste snack stalls, or Taobao in the folk cultural and creative market. The development of rural cultural tourism and high-quality B & B is also getting better. The big bowl of tea invested by Pingyang cultural tourism group is very popular with tourists. Under the river bridge, it provides cultural tourism space for tourists to enjoy tea, chat and cultural salon.

Intangible cultural heritage night market is another innovation of cultural tourism integration in Mingshan village. Every Friday, nearly 100 stalls are set up along the river and main street. Various intangible cultural heritage projects such as Pingyang egg painting, puppet show, Taipingdian paper-cut and sugar painting are gathered. In addition, there are a number of famous snacks such as qiancang "Huang Longtai" time-honored pastries, intangible cultural heritage performances and children's entertainment. (Phoenix Culture Group)

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