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Unfolding The Exclusive NFT-led Vexillum Treasury Cyberspace

Vexillum Treasury is a multi-asset NFT project which lets you enter a civilization of minds in cyberspace where members can lose themselves to a utopian reality while also being commercially rewarded.

A credible NFT investor seeks higher utility, a long-term future, a vision beyond imagery, and importantly a tight-knit community with strong values as embodied by the Vexillum Treasury Project.

    NEW YORK, NY, December 15, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The NFT craze is nothing but done. What if you had an exclusive platform for co-creating an alternate digital world for entertainment, business, social playgrounds, project launchpads, and much more? What if the more NFTs you own, the higher your level in the community gets which means more commercial rewards, exclusive rights, early access to assets, and discounts? What if you were in a community with a culture constructing the future of the industry, all while having fun and creating new perspectives to live by? Sounds utopian, right?

Every month multiple artists, creators, and companies release a collection of NFTs that reset the expectations of what is more to come and set the bar higher. An industry pioneered by Apes & Punks and a bunch of other animals as profile pictures needs to innovate too. A new trend is brewing in the NFT space and investors are flocking to acquire. Today, a credible NFT investor seeks higher utility, a long-term future, a vision beyond imagery, and most of all a tight-knit community with strong values. Well, they aren't wrong and that is exactly what makes a project truly valuable. When you think of a project with such an incredible value matrix, you cannot discount the existence of the Vexillum Treasury NFT Project by CosDec Labs.

A Project Writing The Future of NFTs

Vexillum Treasury is an NFT Project that is believed to be at the forefront of creating a Cyber Utopia. It is a diversified project which lets you enter a cyber civilization where members can co-create a satisfying reality while also being heavily incentivized. The project will be creating a new cyber-universe for contemporary communities beginning with the VTS Chambers (VTSC). It will be a dimensionless factory of opportunities for drafting the future and cherishing the present. Additionally, each NFT in the project adds to the community ranks and takes you a step forward not just in the community but also in the NFT world by giving more power, authority, and incredible incentives in your hands. The community-led creation of cyberspace is currently the biggest talking point of the project in addition to a lot of extra benefits.

A Community That Redefines Benefits

The Vexillum Treasury Syndicate (VTS) is one of the few, or perhaps the only, NFT communities that has a dedicated multimedia platform. VTS Chambers features dedicated spaces for various activities and community interaction. Currently, the platform is in its infancy (beta version) yet happens to be overly satisfying & rewarding. The project creators have made it explicitly clear that the VTSC platform will transition into fully-functioning cyberspace - an aggregation of micro-metaverses for vexillonian members only as project milestones are achieved. In addition to an incredibly powerful community platform, the project is also believed to bring together the best of NFT Investing, Equitable Wealth Creation, and DAO-led Business Practices. Regardless of a person's community rank, the project offers highly-sophisticated and satisfying rewards including loyalty cashback, discounts, badges, priority event access, and much more. If that wasn't already enough, the project also offers certain rights and assets based on community levels. Rights could span from hosting parties to merchandise reselling or even leading larger community initiatives. In all, being a part of the Vexillum Treasury Syndicate is as good as being at the center of an economic metaverse and pioneering the industry at large. It all starts with the NFTs issued by the Vexillum Treasury.

VXI Bills, Vaults & PFP NFTs in Cyberspace

The first of many assets that Vexillum Treasury will be issuing are called Vexillum (VXI) Bills. Vexillum Bills are a collection of 9,123 Currency-Bills-as-Art NFTs that let you be part of community-based cyberspace. Each bill is inherently unique and rare as per its denomination, series, material, featured character, sequence number, color, and pattern. Every Denomination is priced differently starting at ~$500 with a sense of peculiarity and individuality. The bills are minted as ERC-721 Token on Polygon Blockchain and are developed digitally using a hybrid technique and stored on IPFS. Imagine having a unique alphanumeric code all for yourself that grants you entry to the future. While each VXI Bill is valuable in itself, it also opens doors for a lot more opportunities. The bill grants you access to the upcoming VTSC cyberspace, entitles you to a FREE PFP NFT called Neo Super Force Warriors (NSFW), and puts you at a community level filled with rights and rewards.

Your Ticket To The Future

The project is currently in its pre-mint stage and is offering limited-period offers to all early joiners. Minting of VXI Bills NFT will begin around Mid-December '21 and the final dates with all the other updates will be made live on their website and active Discord Server. Furthermore, the project is expected to rope in top NFT influencers for the Golden Vexillonian Circle, thought leaders, brand collaborations, financial institutions, and much more to create an ecosystem that propels its community members forward. Are you ready to hop on?

Vexillum Treasury is created by CosDec Labs who aims to turn the conventional digital space around and pave the path for newer roads. CosDec Labs is here to identify opportunities and take a fundamental yet disruptive approach to evolve and make its mark in this space and beyond. Vexillum Treasury is a project that persistently evolves and develops a common contemporary culture for crafting projects, digital infrastructure, companies, and social settlements for the world that is yet to come.

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