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Holy Grail Art & Sculpture Exhibition in Valencia (Spain) Until Feb 2022

Artist and Sculptor María Gómez

    VALENCIA, SPAIN, December 21, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- 24/7 VALENCIA:CAN YOU TELL US MORE ABOUT THIS EXHIBITION?

CURATOR & PROFESSOR OF THE HISTORY OF ART (UNIVERSITAT DE VALÈNCIA) NÉSTOR OLUCHA :"The Holy Grail has served as a motif for artistic creation on numerous occasions throughout the History of Valencian Art, since its arrival in the city in 1424. For this reason, the exhibition Contemporary Holy Grail by Dr. María Gómez represents a new important milestone in the Valencian artistic conception of this sacred relic.

In this way, this exhibition should not be understood as a mere autonomous exhibition of a singular theme in the author's career, but as the presentation of a group of unpublished works that serve as a continuation of the artistic discourse that María Gómez has shown in her previous exhibitions.

Through the sculptures, the human condition is manifested from the interior of each individual, shown without ornaments that emphasise the exteriorisation of the subjects. Thus, Humanity is shown in the face of its mystery, with the current prevailing need for personal and collective encounters, going hand in hand with reconciliation with one's own Humanity. For this reason, these sculptures serve as a link for the spectator to observe this different conception of the Holy Grail, a universally renowned concept... but which is still a fundamental object for Valencia.

With a magnificent mastery of techniques, María Gómez has composed a group of paintings of a more figurative tendency, in which oil on panel and canvas are used. In the same way, the rest of the works are composed from mixed techniques on canvas, composed from the fusion of acrylic and oil.

In short, the many interpretations that this exhibition can receive give it a richness and complexity worthy of the significance of the Holy Grail for the city of Valencia."


ARTIST AND SCULPTOR MARÍA GÓMEZ:"The Holy Grail of the cathedral of Valencia is the sole protagonist of this exhibition, represented with the devotion and respect it deserves in every way. At first glance we see it painted in different styles: shapes and colours mutating as far as the imagination can go...but without losing the fundamental essence of the Sacred Relic. However, we see in the exhibition sculptures where there are only human beings stripped of everything external or material, but, despite their skin being made of plaster, their minds and hearts seem to be alive, full of thoughts that come out of their faces transmitting sensations in which we believe we can even guess what they are thinking. Whatever it is, in short, it represents the human being who wanders without a clear path regarding the future of humanity. We could say that the exhibition of the Holy Grail is painted with contemporary visions and encourages curiosity. Its forms attract the contemplation of all, but, when we say ALL, not only to the plaster figures that complete the exhibition; but also, it catches the eyes of the spectators who actively observe the here and now, because we are "all" a HUMAN BEING before the HOLY GRAIL."

Report by Will McCarthy '24/7 Valencia' team

Exhibition until Februrary 10th 2022
Artist and Sculptor María Gómez

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