All Press Releases for December 23, 2021

K-Chemistry Online Exhibition (K-Chemicals) Season II was held in the Second Half of the Year With More Than 270 Participating Companies in the Domestic Chemical And Beauty Industry

In the current situation where the spread of COVID-19 has not subsided, about 270 companies are participating in the promotion in the second half of this year for overseas expansion of the domestic chemical and beauty industries.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 23, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- K-Chemistry Cyber Exhibition, an international online exhibition in the field of chemistry and beauty, hosted Season II in the second half of 2021. K-Chemicals is hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, organized by the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and the Korea Precision and Chemical Industry Promotion Association (KSCIA), and has been operating permanently since its opening on March 22nd in the first half of this year.

In the current situation where the spread of COVID-19 has not subsided, about 270 companies are participating in the promotion in the second half of this year for overseas expansion of the domestic chemical and beauty industries. You can check everything about beauty products that are in the spotlight overseas as well as industrial chemicals such as high-quality paints, adhesives, surfactants, additives, and plastics at this online exhibition.

The online exhibition in the field of chemistry and beauty will be promoted to suit the target market through overseas media and YouTube channels and will also be introduced to Asian markets including the Americas and China, which are target markets for companies' demand. It is attracting buyers from all 129 overseas trade centers owned by the Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), and video counseling will be conducted for buyers discovered for a month from December.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy believes that contact-free life will become the norm as offline exhibitions have become difficult since COVID-19 and plan to expand the global market share of beauty products and chemicals through this.

The two virtual exhibition halls consisting of industrial chemical products and beauty products are implemented in 2D and 3D, so buyers can view them in the form they want, and buyers can use video conferencing systems, chat functions, and counseling reservation functions at any time. Furthermore, it is designed to allow overseas buyers to visit anytime, anywhere without any inconvenience, and to make it easier to search for participating companies and items.

High-quality paints and adhesives, surfactants, additives, and plastics are on display at the Industrial Chemical Hall, while products from various fields, including cosmetics that are in the spotlight around the world, are on display at the Beauty Product Hall.

In addition, conference videos on domestic chemical industry trends, K-BEAUTY innovation, EU-REACH, K-REACH, and domestic export systems were released in the first half of the year to help overseas buyers understand domestic and foreign export trends.

Meanwhile, companies participating in the online permanent exhibition (K-Chemicals) in the chemical field are as follows.


ATMKOREA CO., Ltd., NON Corp., Insilico CO., Ltd., NAMBANGCNA CO., Ltd., Dae Seung Industry. Co.,Ltd., DreamPolymer, Softmaterials, Silverstar Chemical Co., Ltd., KELLON SCIENCE COMPANY, Hannong Chemicals, DONGNAM CHEMICAL CO.,LTD, OhSung Chemical Ind Co.,Ltd., SUNGWOOPLUS.Co.,Ltd., L'BESTE GAT LTD., MK Chemical co.,ltd., JMC Corporation, JEONGSEOK Chemical, SEHOTECH INC, EASYCHEM Co., Ltd, BIONEER Corporation, Soo Kyung Chemical Co., Ltd, Noroo Paint & Coating Co., Ltd., KANGNAMJEVISCO.CO.,LTD., Bio-Synetics, Inc, Jung Woo Phram CO.,Ltd., SupadElixir Co., Ltd, A-CHEM CO.,LTD, EauClaire, Polytec. CO., Ltd., KUMHO MITSUI CHEMICALS, YLEM TECHNOLOGY, JAESUNG CO., Ltd., KIRINCOSMETICS, Alchemyth, Nature&People, Juans Biotech Inc, Nature4 Co., Ltd., I luv Co., C.L.Pharm Co., Ltd., Nuri Co., Ltd, KYUNGBO Pharmaceutical CO., Ltd. FTC KOREA CO. LTD. Reviresco, SLC.CO.,LTD, GLO-LEE VINCI CORP., RaNIQ Co., Ltd., MAP Company Co., Ltd, Incodon Biocosmetic Co., Ltd., JINWOONG Co., Ltd, Free Bio Co., Ltd, Hongbo Co., Ltd, Huna Cosmetic Co., Ltd, CELL FOR ONE CO., Ltd, NOHTUS, Dongyang Engineering, DodreamCO.,Ltd, Lanbelle, Leaders Chemical, MASKACOMPANY, Schwanengarten, AGERA BioTech, INC, ENVIneT.CO.Ltd., L Global Co., LTD., Innochemtech Co., LTD, IDIPS laboratory, IREA CHEMICAL ENTERPRISE, G Polytec Co., LTD., CHUNYANG P&B CO., LTD., TAEIN WORLD CO., LTD., DONGLIMCHEM CO.,LTD, LIME CO,,LTD., MEDIF Co., Ltd., Chamos Cosmetic Co., Ltd., CHEMTROS Co., Ltd., QUANTUM CO., LTD., Tcellem Lab CO.,Ltd, Polychain. Inc, PLAND, PROCELLCOMPANY, INC, DAELIM FnC Co., Ltd., DM, MODONGEE, Muldream, CNC Cosmetic, ECOWAVE, ENDO MEDICS, YOUNG WON COSTECH CO.,LTD, YCOS, WOOSONGHERB, Wellpep, Jungwoo Fine CO., Ltd., ZISHEL GROUP, HanKuk Commerce Chem Co., Ltd., PURENSKIN CO., Ltd., Marine Techno Inc, BACKOREA CO.,Ltd., 3DAMO CO., LTD., SJ NAIL CO., LTD, MUKUNGHWA, WOOSIN COSMETICS CO., LTD, UNIQUEMI CO., Ltd., ACTIVE BEAUTY CO.,LTD, BuenoMeditech, MINDMINER, COSMIZING CO.,Ltd., FAU CO., LTd., Pluchke CO., Ltd., Coreapuff CO., Ltd, KUMHO FIBER INDUSTRIES CO., Ltd., Sapiens Ventures, Wooin INT, HANAMOA.CO.,LTD., S.J.Global CO., J.ME INTERNATIONAL. CO., LTD., Primoris International Co., Ltd., THE LOTUS CO., LTD., CMCOMPANY, JION MEDITECH, HANJIN CHEMICAL Co., Ltd., J9cosmetic Co., Ltd., ECO DONE, TRAD-EX CO., LTD., Dowonbiotech, World Sponge Manufacturing Co., Ltd., GOSARI.FCO., LTD, CROWNCOS, Sm industries, Doctor A Co., Ltd., Shammah Pharm, Geosan Corporation, CELRANICO, Pascal International, KY Re-tech co. ltd., COSCODI CO., LTD., Balance Monster Co., Ltd., THE PARTNERS CO., LTD., KYMO, WITHNIX CO., LTD, MSM Global, YSBio Co.,Ltd., HEEDUZ Inc., Achimcos Inc., ASUNG CLEAN, FLOWTECHCO.,LTD., ASUNG PLASTIC, VALVECO.,LTD., BK BEATY Co. Ltd, Beautynetkorea Co. Ltd, ECOMINE Co.,Ltd., MK BIO SCIENCE CO., INC., PalmBee, Innopharm,Co.,Ltd., LIA CO., LTD, GKS CO., LTD., Korlink, SENTEC, NAE WOI KOREA.,LTD, Puri― global Co,. Ltd, Dreamfreedom Co., Ltd, Bananaba, Gpompous trading CO.,Ltd, CHEMPEOPLE, GLUIRE Cosmetic, NOVA TECH, SM, Marinepack Co Ltd., GARANG GARANG, MarineCos Cos.,Ltd, Krown International, POINT&EDGE INC., Ariderma coeshu medical co.,ltd, BARAEBONGFERTILIZER FARMING, ASSOCIATIONCORPORATION, Hong Sung Co., Ltd, uniCLBIO CO.,LTD, JCWORKS CO., LTD., CUBE Corp, WonChangChemistry, LFF Co.,Ltd., INPACK GLOBAL CO.,LTD, HYUNDAI MICRO, HANCOSMETICS, KUMSUNG ENC CO., LTD., VOAS TECH, JILGYUNGYI CO., LTD., RUSHLEY, INTERNATIONAL, Paaneco, Inc., mamanas, VAH Co., Ltd., BioVaiKoreaCo.,Ltd, SangHwang Miim, NTRADE INC, HeartfaceCo.,Ltd, Cheona International Co.,Ltd, reyeonbiochemical Co., Ltd, ANPOLY, YNMCOSMETIC CO.,Ltd, Garam of nature, Beauren Korea, KBIDI Co., Ltd., Ecocation Co.,Ltd., YIUNGLE CO.,LTD., DELALUZ Cosmetic, ONES CO., LTD, N&B LAB CO.,LTD, DermasNatural CO.,LTD, SCANKO CO., LTD, UPL Company CO.,Ltd., Zurecosmetics Co., Ltd., Dermafirm Inc., Biosolution Co., Ltd., IWCOMPANY, Wizmedi Co., Ltd., llshinwells Co.,Ltd, T.O.M Co.,Ltd, Halang Co.,Ltd, DermaBiotech Co., Ltd, THECOSKOREA CO., LUCID LINE, Sensco, Abalico korea, NCOSMADE, Equipforskin Co., Ltd., HAYON CO.,LTD, NETCOS CO., LTD, Bomyeong international Co.,Ltd, JUHUI INC.(DARUINC.), Saturn Bio Tech Co.,Ltd, CS COMPANY, KJ&C Co.,Ltd, CHOKWANG PAINT, Irispharm&Skinlink Co.,Ltd, Ggi international, HUEFORET CO.,LTD., DnB Korea, BIO-S CO., LTD, BB COMPANY, CH BIO Co.,Ltd., AINFBIO, WANNABE COSMETIC CO., LTD., CHEONGDAM CDC&P CO., LTD., Columbia Healthcare, Inc., DMS INTERNATIONAL, UBS INC Co., Ltd, G1 BIO Co., Ltd, DillyDilly, SungLim BNC, Da Rum&Bio Inc., Cellhappyco, Alicepurple, Bouncell, ASHESEVEN CO.,LTD, WORKFLOW CO.,LTD, Unipack Korea Co.,Ltd, BEMINE14, SPES CO.,LTD., ECOMENT CO.,LTD, Tina and Michael, Holdings, J&G COSMETIC, MEDB, Natural and Me Co.,Ltd, DAEEUN Industrial Co.,Ltd, Saturday09 Co.,LTD, SEINDNI CO.,LTD, Hankook, THEBLESSEDMOON, BORA, SAMHWA PAINTS INDUSTRY CO.,LTD

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