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Political Campaign Might be First in US History to Issue Cryptocurrency

Kevin Goodman Seeks to Make History and Gather Support

    BEDFORD, IN, January 08, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Kevin Goodman, candidate for Indiana State Representative (District 65), has announced that the Campaign to Elect Kevin Goodman 2022 has created its own cryptocurrency. The campaign believes it may be the first in US history to issue it's own cryptocurrency. ArgzCoin 2022 (AGZ22) is already being issued to supporters but the campaign intends to make it more readily available by offering certificate notes for sell in five different denominations. The certificates will be issued as campaign memorabilia.

ArgzCoin 2022 is named after the candidate's Doberman pinscher, Argo, which has become a mascot for the campaign. A silhouette of a Doberman encircled on a blue background serves as the coin's icon.

ArgzCoin 2022 is executed as a smart contract on the Polygon-Matic blockchain as a fungible token. Polygon is based on the larger Ethereum project, which also allows for fungible token creation, and which has served as the basis for numerous other cryptocurrencies. ArgzCoin 2022 can be traded although the supply is limited. There are only one million coins. No more can be created.

ArgzCoin 2022 seeks to serve as an incentive and reward for campaign supporters, those who donate financially or those who contribute time and labor. While this is the initial purpose, the campaign does propose the coin's potential for intrinsic value and value appreciation. With a current capitalization of 623 billion USD, the campaign believes Polygon-Matic is here to stay and will thus serve as an enduring framework for supporting the ArgzCoin 2022 Project.

ArgzCoin 2022 certificates will have a cash equivalency in USD. The value of ArgzCoin 2022 will be set by the Campaign and will be based on campaign finance goals and will be reevaluated on an ongoing basis. The campaign reserves the right to raise the value at any time. The initial certificates will be released at a USD equivalency of $0.50 to 1AGZ22.

While it's possible that ArgzCoin 2022 will be available for trade on some decentralized exchanges, the campaign discourages speculation. The coin was created in the spirit of fun. The campaign hopes the coin will be received as an artifact of Americana in the era of cryptocurrency. Certificates will be issued in denominations of 50AGZ22, 100AGZ22, 250AGZ22, 500AGZ22, 1000AGZ22. The design for each denomination is difference. Each certificate has its own public key address to which the stated value in AGZ22 is attached. Each certificate also has the private key printed on the back, which is protected by a metallic coating that can be scratched off. The private key enables the certificate holder to transfer the coins to a different account should they choose to do so. The certificates will serve as a unique collectable of American political history.

The Campaign aims to have the certificates available for sell on the campaign website by February 8h, 2022.

ArgzCoin 2022 holders will also have the option of contributing their coins back to the campaign as the campaign accepts contributions in Bitcoin, Ether, Matic and ArgzCoin 2022.

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Contact Information

Hannah Eads
Committee to Elect Kevin Goodman
Springville, IN
United States
Voice: 812-407-8114
E-Mail: Email Us Here


AGZ22 Certificate issued to holders.