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[MADE IN KOREA] NANOFAENTECH aims to Spread 3D Cell Culture Nanofibers... "Overcome the Limitations of 2D Cell Culture!"

NANOFAENTECH's products have different features from the existing 2D cell culture methods and other 3D cell culture methods.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, January 11, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- NANOFAENTECH Co., Ltd. (CEO Jong-young Kwak) is a subsidiary of a technology holding company based in Ajou University Hospital. It is a startup that develops high value 3D cell culture nanofibers and various 3D cell culture systems and culture containers using this technology.

Since its establishment in 2018, NANOFAENTECH has collaborated with government agencies and local government research institutes, such as the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI) and the Korea Innovation Foundation, to develop and commercialize major technologies. It has applied for a patent related to dendritic cell culture cultivation and is preparing to develop full-time treatment with immune cell therapy using its core technology.

NANOFAENTECH aims to occupy the 3D cell culture container market, which currently relies on foreign imports, by utilizing its various original technologies in order to contribute to the continued growth of the company, as well as the health of the people, and the development of a national key industry.

NANOFAENTECH's main product is a 3D cell culture vessel that uses a cell-specific peptide-containing polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) nanofiber support. Currently, it is sold in 8-well plate and Transwell (24well) plate forms, and is being delivered to domestic universities and research institutes.

The bio-industry is a key industry that the government has selected it as one of the new growth engines of the country. Basic research clinical trials at the cell level are essential for drug and medical device development and service provision.

It aims to develop technologies that can be used as an alternative to overcome the limitations of 2D cell culture products and the ethical restrictions such as regulations on the use of experimental animals. Currently, domestic and foreign companies are developing various materials and culture methods to develop products that provide a cell culture environment that is similar to that of the human body.

NANOFAENTECH's products have different features from the existing 2D cell culture methods and other 3D cell culture methods.

The biggest feature is the production of PVA nanofibers containing cell-binding specific peptides and ligands, allowing flexible addition of cell-specific physiologically active substances, which enables long-term culturing without affecting each cell's unique physiological activity and differentiation. This has huge technological advantages when comparing the main performance of 3D cell culture products sold domestically and abroad. In addition, it maintains transparency, which is a material property of PVA, so that it can be observed with the naked eye or microscope during cell culture, and is harmless to the human body since it uses a water-soluble solvent.

All technological developments and products utilize the original technology secured through technology transfer for intellectual property management by NANOFAENTECH, which makes it very difficult to imitate.

So far, the KHIDI's initial startup package, the Korea Innovation Foundation's technology transfer commercialization project, and the Gyeongnam Techno Park's 2021 R&D commercialization support project have all been completed. In addition, it has been selected by the KHIDI's Startup Leap Package, Patent Strategy Consulting Support project, and Technology Valuation project, with a guarantee of 300 million/150million won transferred in two intervals from the Korea Technology Finance Corporation's U-TECH certification (Excellent Technology Company Certification).

An official from NANOFAENTECHsaid, "We are preparing a full-time phase for the development of the first-in-class immune cell therapy using source technology. We intend to develop a drug efficacy and toxicity evaluation system using a 3D ultra-hepatic cell co-culture system. In addition, we are trying to develop technologies that can be used to research and treat various diseases, as well as improve the quality of life and extend health life of patients, and improve public health."

They further added, "We want to contribute to expanding the base of this 3D cell culture technology through our technologies and products, and meet alternative demands from experimental animal regulators, and overcome the limitations of 2D cell culture in all fields."

Interview - NANOFAENTECH aims to spread 3D cell culture nanofibers

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