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Epic Female Western "Vengeance Turns" Split Into Two Volumes

Writer/Director Robert Christopher Smith Gives His Story Double-Coverage at Film Festivals in 2022

...(T)he first volume tells the tale of how mild-mannered Rebecca Falcon becomes the savage vigilante called "Mia" and it ends at a moment that is sure to leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, January 12, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Following 5 years of development, a 4-Part Weely Serialized Radio-show style podcast, then 20 days of shooting during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic during September and October of 2020, first-time filmmaker 52-year old Robert Christopher Smith, is bringing the epic female revenge Western story "Vengeance Turns" to the screen in two separate volumes. It turns out that the story that Smith co-wrote with former El Paso, TX Police Officer Amanda Walsmith was just too much for one film, as the director discovered during the editing process.

Several factors encouraged Smith and his production partner/director of photography Mr David Ruano to make the split, with the first being their inability to get the final cut under 2 hours and 40 minutes without any credits at all, meaning it would fall closer to 3 hours. While the story and the movie are quite exceptional and attention-grabbing, Smith is directing for the first time and is joined by a cast that, while extremely talented, are also relatively unknown at this point on the Hollywood scene. As hard as it is to get anyone to watch or consider a film made by an unknown and starring unknowns, Smith believed asking for a 3 hour commitment may have been too much for modern audiences. Almost no film festival would have even considered the film at that length, making it virtually impossible to get any significant exposure to the project.

Smith says "David (Ruano) and I wanted to get the whole 135-page story that I wrote with Amanda (Walsmith) up onto the screen. I think our whole cast and crew, who really put it all out there every day to make this happen, wanted the same." According to Smith and Ruano, they joked with stars Paola Luelmo and Azeem Vecchio all through the shoot that they were actually getting a film and its sequel. It turns out that was truer than anyone knew at the time.

As a fan of comic books, and old school movie and radio serials, Smith is no stranger to cliffhangers and assures audiences that there is nothing arbitrary in the split he and Ruano have made to deliver "Vengeance Turns: Volume One" and "Vengeance Turns: Volume Two" instead of the forecasted "Vengeance Turns: The Motion Picture". Now the first volume tells the tale of how mild-mannered Rebecca Falcon becomes the savage vigilante called "Mia" and it ends at a moment that is sure to leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Volume Two starts with zombie children and otherworldly creatures before Mia finally achieves her goal of killing the men who stole her family from her and left her for dead early in Volume One. Of course, Volume Two ends on a huge moment as well, and a full length comic book story by Smith with art by indie comics superstar illustrator Kurt Belcher has already been produced to continue that tale and set things up for future tales with the characters.

In 1876 California, Rebecca Falcon and her family are brutally attacked and left for dead. With guidance from a mysterious tribe of "lost people", Rebecca rises from the ashes as the bloodthirsty vigilante "Mia", hellbent on revenge. The story which was previously released as a well-received podcast during Summer of 2020 is based on the original screen story by Robert Christopher Smith and Amanda Walsmith. The films are currently being submitted to Film Festivals worldwide.

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