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Taking Photos with your Refurbished iPhone

iPhone photos are awesome!

    DUBLIN, IRELAND, January 20, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- One of the main features and reasons why people buy an iPhone is because of the quality of the cameras and the unique photo features they provide. This is just as true for those who have bought a refurbished iPhone as those who have bought a new iPhone. Read on to discover the great features our 3 top-selling refurbished iPhones offer to bring out your inner photographer.

Taking photos with the iPhone 12
The iPhone 12 is one of the pivotal devices in Apple's history because not only did it come with a variety of options, it also introduced significant features, while still keeping the phone in a visually appealing form factor. The iPhone 12 is also one of the top devices right now if you want to take great photos, thanks to its powerful camera setup and incredible features.

Camera features
Like the previous models, the unit has a dual camera setup on the back, the 12 MP, f/1.6, 26mm (wide), 1.4µm and the 12 MP, f/2.4, 13mm, 120˚ (ultrawide). In terms of features, you have HDR and the normal dual LED dual tone flash. For the selfie camera, you have the 12 MP, f/2.2, 23mm (wide), 1/3.6" which also supports HDR as well. That being said, you can also shoot videos up to 4k at 60 FPS, which is very important for a device of this caliber.

Like most iPhone devices, this one also has no problem zooming so you can see the utmost detail. Aside from things like moving cars or people or even natural phenomena that's unpredictable, for the most part the iPhone 12 can zoom in and out of everything. Which is great, because unlike older devices, this one actually has a lot of zooming stability, and that helps you take amazing photos.

Taking photos at night
iPhone 12 also has a night mode, and this time around it was improved quite a bit. It comes with a vast range of night time features, and like the 11, it turns the night mode automatically when you have low light. Being able to adapt and customize that is incredibly helpful, and it does make a huge difference especially when you are visiting the great outdoors and want clear images.

Using the flash
We noticed that the flash feature is a lot more reliable and stable in the iPhone 12, which is great to have. At the same time, this can be great during the night, but also during the day if you don't have great lighting. It's very easy to adapt to your needs, while still delivering a great experience.

Storing pictures
The iPhone 12 has plenty of storage space, but you can also have a cloud backup with iCloud if you want. Then there's also the fact that you have additional storage services like Dropbox where you can store images too.

There are many things to like when it comes to the iPhone 12. It's a very reliable, stable and customizable phone, and it takes very good pictures. Granted, it's a newer unit, so it cost more than its predecessors. But you do get an updated camera, significant software features and the latest updates. The device itself also has great wireless fast charging too, which helps you charge your device quicker and take great photos. If you want a good iPhone that can take high quality photos and which offers plenty of photo customization, this is definitely a great option to keep in mind, if it fits your budget!

Taking photos with the iPhone 11
The iPhone 11 is one of the better iPhone models released recently, it updates the iPhone X quite a bit, while still being sleek and easy to use. If you want to use the iPhone 11 specifically for taking photos, this is actually a great phone, it's reliable and it will offer plenty of value for money. With that being said, the IPS LCD display is offering crisp details, and its camera setup is pretty impressive.

Camera features
The first camera in the dual setup is the 12 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide), 1/2.55", and then the second camera is 12 MP, f/2.4, 120˚, 13mm (ultrawide). When it comes to the selfie camera, it's 12 MP, f/2.2, 23mm (wide), 1/3.6". What you will notice right away regarding the iPhone 11 is the fact that the main camera setup comes with HDR support and the DUAL LED dual tone flash that the previous model had. That being said, the stereo sound recording, 4k 60 FPS support for both the main and selfie cameras are a great thing, and you also have gyro EIS support for videos too.

Zooming in and out
You'll find a similar situation with the iPhone X here. The camera will capture everything without any issues while zooming. However, if there are moving targets, that might make things a bit trickier. There's no perfect stabilization, so zooming while you have stuff moving around can be difficult. It's still a little better than the previous generation here. But other than that, you can easily capture portraits or still life pics even if you have a lot of zoom.

Taking photos at night
iPhone 11 has a night mode for all cameras. As a result, you will be able to see things a whole lot better during the night. That being said, this turns automatically if you have a low light environment, so you don't even have to do anything on your own. It helps quite a bit, since the camera gets more light, and every dark photo becomes clearer and brighter as a result. Using the Flash is also very simple, and this is recommended especially in low light situations. It's versatile and easy to turn on or off.

Storing your pictures
iPhone 11 has iCloud support, and you also get plenty of storage regardless what model you choose to go with. You also have third parties that offer additional storage, so overall you won't have a problem finding the right place to store your images.

Taking photos with the iPhone 11 is great, it's a very reliable and high-quality device. Its camera setup and night mode are great, and you will be impressed with the quality provided here. That being said, severe weather conditions and low light situations can still be challenging if you want to take photos with this device. Despite that, it's still a good investment, especially if you are serious about taking photos and videos often. It comes with few drawbacks, but it also has a very affordable price nowadays, which makes it a great phone for taking pictures.

Taking photos with the iPhone X
The iPhone X is a great phone when it comes to the overall photos it takes and the specs that it brings to the table. The glass face and back make it stand out, but how does this device fare when it comes to taking photos, is it a good option or not? Let's find out for ourselves.

iPhone X camera features
The main camera is a dual camera, 12 MP, f/1.8, 28mm (wide) and a 12 MP, f/2.4, 52mm (telephoto) one as well. You have features like OIS, dual pixel PDAF, as well as 2X optical zoom. The camera also has HDR, panorama support, HDR and quad-LED dual tone flash support too. That makes it versatile and suitable for a multitude of different situations. The selfie camera is 7 MP, it has SL 3D support and HDR, and it can shoot video at 1080p /30 FPS, whereas the other cameras can go up to 60 FPS in 4K.

Zooming in and out advice
iPhone X does a very good job when it comes to zooming. It works very well and it continues to deliver a stellar value. Generally, zooming on the iPhone X is not a problem, unless there's bad weather or anything that involves a lot of movement, you can zoom in quite well. That means zooming is suitable for any stills, but if you have cars passing by and so on, that might not be the ideal situation.

Taking photos at night
While not perfect, the iPhone X does take some impressive pictures during the night. Which is great, because you can use it without having to worry about any possible issues. Its blitz is pretty good so it can deliver some light, but having a good light source will make the images even better. Even the way they are is ok, yet you can add in some accessories to improve if needed.

Using the flash
As we mentioned above, using the flash is great during the night in particular, but it can also deliver more clarity to pictures during the day. Of course, if you take place in an interior and there's quite a lot of light, disabling the flash might help you take better photos.

Storing pictures
Thankfully, the iPhone X has at least 64 GB of storage, so you do have some room to store photos. There's also iCloud which gives you online cloud backup and storage too. And of course, there are third parties you can use for cloud storage if you want as well.

Taking pictures with the iPhone X is a lot of fun, the device is versatile and it can work for pretty much any type of situation. The cameras are powerful and even if they are outdated now due to new models coming in, the price is very good for the value you receive. Just like most iPhones, the X has a pretty good set of cameras, so you will find it very reliable and a pleasure to use. It's certainly worth giving it a try!
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