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Experts Reveal the Golden Rules of Halal Investing

Halal finance and investing gives Australian Muslims a chance to save and invest their money ethically – one Islam finance expert reveals their best advice for Halal investing.

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, January 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Australian Muslims have been looking for a way to enter into the stock market in an ethical, Sharia-approved way. Australian Islamic finance company Hejaz Financial Services is on a mission to equip them with the knowledge and resources to do so. Hejaz COO Muzzammil Dhedhy weighs in with the golden rules for Halal investing.

Halal home loan expert Hejaz Financial Services advises both aspiring and seasoned investors to pay close attention to the financial cycle and hold steady through market lows. According to the Sharia loans provider, investments will experience both lows and highs - this is normal and are advised not to get rid of their stocks as soon as they start to dip. Instead, waiting for them to rise again will ensure investors do not lose the money they initially invested. Hejaz Financial Services urges investors to pay attention to this cycle of ups and downs; eventually, experienced investors will find dips much less daunting.

Hejaz Financial Services advises investors that two of the most important parts of investing are investing regularly and diversification. Diversifying an investment portfolio spreads out the risk across different asset classes, geographical regions, companies, managers and markets. This strategy has been proven to yield higher returns over time. In order to remain Sharia compliant, Hejaz Financial Services reminds investors to invest their money in ethical industries such as telecommunications, infrastructure, healthcare, utilities and technology. While diversifying a portfolio, investors are warned not to chase last year's winners; rather, they should look for new investment opportunities that seem likely to yield good returns.

Along with quality investment advice, Hejaz Financial Services also offers Halal loans, superannuation and a range of other financial services. Hejaz Financial Services is on a mission to provide Muslim Australians with the education, tools and resources to make ethical and informed financial decisions. Contact them to find out more today.

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