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Profile Forte Offering Hair Loss Patients With Modern Hair Transplant Methods

All around the world, several health issues are on the rise & one of them is hair loss. Medical advancement has done its magic, 'What is it?' Hair transplant. Profile Forte is one of the hair restoration centre to get personalized & solutions.

    LUDHIANA, INDIA, February 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Hair Transplant: Outdoing All The Hair Restoration Methods

During a hair transplant, the surgeon precisely takes out the hair grafts & precisely transplant them where hair growth is less. The treatment effectiveness is booming to a great extent because of how advanced and effective it has become. Since the 1950s, hair transplant has been in existence, but with each passing year, the treatment is changing, or it's right to say getting better.

Considering the increasing awareness,, the industry of Hair Transplant in Punjab is at a rising stage,. There is no way that it will get replaced by any other treatment plan available out there.

Did you know?

Only patients with hair loss can be the hair donor

In simple words, 'Hair grafts are extracted from the patient's own scalp.' This is because the scalp won't accept the hair grafts of another person. The given scenario even reduces the chances of having complications or infection during the surgery. Such small factors are the reason hair transplant in Vizag is getting huge attention from those who are facing excess hair loss.

Types of Hair Transplant: Restore Hair Growth Effectively

All those who have heard about scary hair plug stories know how great it is that those times have passed away. To get better results, the hair transplant methods are what the individuals need to put their trust upon. Let's have a glimpse of the same:

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

FUT or FUSS (Strip Surgery), as the name suggests, the strip is removed from the back of the scalp (donor area), which leaves a linear scar on the scalp. The hair follicles are separated using a microscope & following that, the hair grafts are inserted into the thin hair growth area.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE includes extraction one by one through advanced tools, which creates a tiny punch on the donor area. The procedure does not leave scarring, which is noticeable with naked eyes.

Initial Consultation: Get Insight On 'Which Plan Is Effective?'

Simply reading the information available on the net cannot tell everything. It might make the person suffering from hair loss informed about Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, but in the end, they do get left behind with different questions. So, 'How to get a solution for the same?' Initial consultation with a hair restoration surgeon gives all the necessary answers. Whether it's about knowing about the treatment, which plan is effective, cost, before & aftercare, or any other concern will be remitted from the ground so that the next step is taken.

Success Rate: Hair Transplant Being Out In Front

Many people believe in fortune. But, that is not what happens with hair transplant. The increasing success rate of hair transplant has a number of factors attached to it, and some of them are:

• Expertise & skills of hair restoration surgeon
• Before & aftercare regime
• Hair transplant type
• Choosing one of the Best hair transplant centre in Ludhiana
• Patient's age (before 25 is not ideal as it can lead to future hair loss)

One thing is sure that other hair restoration treatments available out there are not that effective, or they won't offer a success rate of more than 95%. When the wish is to get longer, natural, and permanent results: A hair transplant is an answer to the same.

Hair Transplant Treatment Requires Proper Upkeep

A Hair Transplant is a savior when an individual's personality has gone down. On the patient's behalf, things do not end until the post-procedure instructions are not followed religiously. Research has shown that 'Following aftercare increases the effectiveness of results as the recovery phase goes as smoothly as possible.' Some of the suggestions given by the hair restoration surgeon:

Not getting involved in any strenuous regime leads to sweating, then itching & increased chances of infection. So, the workout has to be put to a halt for several weeks.
No need to wash your hair before the said time. Additionally, only the doctor-recommended shampoo & conditioner should be used.
To alleviate pain & swelling, apply ice on the forehead & never on the transplanted hair grafts.
Hair transplant aftercare regime should include the intake of all the necessary medications as prescribed by the surgeon.

Growing Awareness Helps To Make An Informed Decision

The increasing demand, success rate, medical professionals suggesting this treatment to deal with hair loss, and many other factors point towards the procedure effectiveness. For those looking to get this treatment done but have some doubts on the same, then Profile Forte is the place under the expertise of Dr. Vikas Gupta. Make a difference in the personality with hair restoration treatment.

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