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Need Found for Procedures to be Adhered to at Utilities

New Handbook offers Technical Communications Advice for Engineers at Essential Service Provider Organizations

New Book Offers Process and Procedural Advice for Utilities

    LUMBERTON, NJ, February 08, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Tech Research Services today announced the availability of a new book titled "Technical Communications for Utilities" by Sonina Matteo. This book focuses on how utility workers can create or enhance the procedures needed for the many tasks they work on now and into the decade ahead.

As the power grid wears out and depreciation exceeds new investment, the efforts to manage and maintain equipment and infrastructure is becoming a challenge for utilities. We see this in the latest news where a major utility faces charges over a fire in California that burned over 75,000 acres ignited by electrical transmission lines. So how are utilities addressing the problem? They should be addressing it with a comprehensive plan around their processes and procedures.

Has your local utility done everything it can to wrap its arms around the challenges it is facing, and built a plan at the procedural level to help manage issues?

With an appropriate process and the correct underlying procedures put in place, a customer can be assured of faster service delivery with more consistent and higher quality.

Utility companies must evolve to successfully navigate their future. They must learn to overcome the ongoing challenges of this century, where they face everything from the environmental changes leading to fires and flooding, changing consumer energy choices and an aging workforce. With this said, utilities must make it a top priority to know and keep evaluating the quickest, safest, and most reliable ways to deliver service to customers. Utilities have many customers, and those customers want service fast.

This handbook provides workers at Essential Service Provider organizations (including public utilities) with help in responding to any scenario related to technical communication, whether writing functional requirements, technical specifications, standard operating procedures, complex procedures, or simple user guides.

This book provides information on how to create technical documentation, content, and training material for essential service providers such as:
• Public Utilities (gas, water/wastewater, electric industries)
• Internet Service Providers/Cable Television Service Providers (ISPs, CATV industries)
• Wireless Communications/Telecommunications (Cellular Service Providers, landline telecom service providers)

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Discounts available for companies offering this handbook to their employees and contractors (bulk orders).

About the Author: Sonina Matteo draws on her experience at American utilities and essential service provider organizations to help you write procedures successfully and in how you can engage workers to adhere to processes and procedures. She wrote this book after finding benefits realized by standardizing processes and documenting formal SOPs at essential service providers.


• Public Utilities
• Operating Procedures
• Processes for Utility Workers

Pages: 196 pages

Publisher: Tech Research Services

Publication date: January 2022

ISBN PRINT - 979-8-9855244-0-6
ISBN Ebook - 979-8-9855244-1-3

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