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The Refurbished iPhone 12 is Better for the Environment

How much damage does manufacturing a phone do to the environment?

When you go for a refurbished iPhone 12, you get to reduce the environmental impact even more!

    DUBLIN, IRELAND, February 08, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- We all live on the same planet, and it's imperative we take good care of it. However, things like acquiring a new phone and purchasing brand-new items are deeply embedded into our society, and we always strive to acquire these new, shiny items. It can be either because our social circle influences us, or we just want to have access to those features. What we don't realize is that acquiring a new phone can do quite a lot of damage to the environment.

How much damage does manufacturing a phone do to the environment?
A single 200g smartphone requires roughly 56kg of raw materials. Additionally, a lot of energy is used to produce such a phone too. Another thing to note here is that producing a new smartphone accounts for around 90% to 95% of the CO2 emissions that unit will have during its average lifecycle. Not only that, but manufacturing a single phone requires the same amount of energy needed to operate and recharge a phone for 10 years. With every new model, the amount of emissions generated during its manufacturing process increase, which is why buying refurbished phones is a much better idea.

Why is it better to buy refurbished iPhones?
Before we do that, we need to understand what refurbishing means. A refurbished phone is not a second hand phone. Instead, these are phones that were returned by customers because they had a malfunction or they had problems with it. The manufacturer repairs this item, and then it's sold as a refurbished phone. Which means that the phone is pretty much like a brand new one, since the manufacturer took care of any issues. The phone is working flawlessly, and there are no issues with it. Yet it's sold at a much cheaper price.

Buying a refurbished iPhone 12 still gives you access to all of its features, and you don't have to spend the same amount of money when compared to a new unit. Additionally, Apple is using 100% recycled rare earth elements, as well as tin, tungsten and also recycled or renewable plastics. You don't need to buy a new iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, instead you get to prevent the waste of numerous resources just to create a new phone. If you buy a refurbished iPhone 12, you get to enjoy all of its features, without causing any more environmental damage.

Are there other benefits if you choose to buy a refurbished iPhone 12?
The iPhone 12 is actually a far more environmentally friendly iPhone than many of its predecessors. It is actually the first smartphone to be made with 100% recycled rare earth elements in all magnets. In addition, the packaging and some other elements are manufactured more environmentally consciously than other phones.

When you go for a refurbished iPhone 12, you get to reduce the environmental impact even more by reducing the exposure of various toxic elements into the air or water. The reality is that mobile phones have a variety of poisonous/toxic materials in them, and these eventually contaminate water or various types of soil as well. Recycling your phone or buying a refurbished unit is the ideal way to protect the environment, while still enjoying all of its features.

On top of that, going the refurbished route also allows you to lower your carbon footprint. You get to enhance the lifespan of a phone that's already built. That means you're not increasing your carbon footprint in any way. It's much better when compared to recycling, and it still manages to keep the environment safe and free from any harm.

Additionally, by choosing a refurbished iPhone 12, manufacturers don't need to acquire as many raw materials. Needless to say, mining for and acquiring all these precious metals can be very difficult and time-consuming, not to mention it does a lot of damage to the environment. That's why it's important to use refurbished products, since they offer a similar experience without environmental repercussions.

It's very important to focus on protecting our planet and minimizing our carbon footprint. Simple things like purchasing a refurbished iPhone 12 can help us do that, and it's also a great way to save money too. We need to do our part and live an eco-friendly life if we want to maintain our planet in a very good state. So it's a great idea to start buying only refurbished phones, since they are already manufactured and work flawlessly anyway. It's a great way to stay up to date with the latest tech, and you also have the opportunity to keep our planet safe!

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