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Insights On Latest Utility NFT About To Hit The Metaverse – IggyBoy

In recent times, NFTs have been making giant waves in the world. Predicted to be the currency of the Metaverse, NFTs are not just mere digital images or collectibles that people can sell for high prices but also one that can change the Metaverse world

    BERLIN, GERMANY, February 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Interestingly, the Metaverse blends innovative technologies with interaction models between participants and, most importantly, runs on blockchain technology. As a result, it is an ideal environment for NFTs to thrive.

Join IggyBoy NFT whitelist by completing some easy tasks on their official Gleam event: or via the Quiz

This is the only way to get to the whitelist and the spots are limited.

IggyBoy NFT Description
IggyBoy is a utility NFT gem that will give its holders exclusive privileges and rights in the Metaverse. IggyBoy works just like other utility NFTs that are scarce, exclusive, and definitive.

IggyBoy, as an exclusive metaverse NFT, will take the whole Metaverse ecosystem by storm as it is a brainchild of 1ATH studio, a vastly experienced company in NFTs, blockchain, and the metaverse niche.

This hot metaverse project is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that are uniquely crafted by experienced and professional designers. IggyBoy will not only be used as an in-game token, but holders will also enjoy amazing benefits in the upcoming Metaverse by being able to get lands, joint ventures, and other valuable assets at discounted prices.

Iggy's Incoming Collections
After the release of IggyBoy NFTs, 1ATH studio will roll out other amazing collectibles, including the IggyLady and Symbiosis utility NFTs. Just like the IggyBoy utility NFT, IggyLady and Symbiosis NFTs will also come with the same benefits in the Metaverse ecosystem.

IggyBoy's Presale and Public Sale Price
The mint date for the IggyBoy NFTs is February 20th, 2022, at 2 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). After the mint date, IggyBoy NFTs will be on public sale. The upcoming presale price is pegged at 0.055 ETH. It is important to note that this presale price only applies to those whitelisted before the mint date.

The public sale price for the IggyBoy NFTs is 0.088 ETH. Therefore, getting IggyBoy at presale price grants you access to a whopping 37.5% discount. However, it is imperative to get whitelisted as soon as possible to enjoy this offer, as these exclusive whitelist spots are very few.

Whitelisting Stages and Conditions
There are three stages of whitelisting. The first two whitelisting stages has already ended, and members who participated have already been added to the whitelist spots. As a result, just a few whitelist spots are up for grabs once the criteria for whitelisting are met.

The third stage of the whitelisting has started already, and members have to perform simple tasks to be added directly to the whitelist:

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