All Press Releases for February 12, 2022

Navneet Goenka Launches Charity Meal Project In Thailand. Distribution Of Meals To Needy Thais

The CEO of Glitzkoin that launched the GTN crypto token, extends his charity services to Thailand. Navneet Goenka adds that the program aims to provide 50,000 healthy meals to needy Thais.

    KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, February 12, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The pandemic has put millions of people through economic hardships. While the health crisis could subside in 2022, the economic damage caused by it, is likely take a few years or even a decade to ease. Navneet Goenka CEO Glitzkoin, is not a stranger to charity works. The CEO has launched a charity free meal, distribution campaign in Thailand.

The project is aimed at providing a healthy meal to around 50,000 needy Thais. Navneet Goenka admits that COVID-19 related restrictions in the country, could stretch the time frame of the pogram. In his words, "… Glitzkoin has been organizing charity events, mainly in rural India and Malaysia for a few years. We are committed to share our success with the needy in society and we have the capability to handle, projects like the one launched in Thailand. Having said that, the pandemic with its accompanying restrictions has called for a special strategy."

2022 does mark the beginning of Glitzkoin's presence in Thailand but, Navneet Goenka explains that this effort does not involve any business interests. The CEO clarifies that, "… the meal distribution campaign in Thailand is being organized on a purely humanitarian basis. At this point, we have no business interests in Thailand. I hope that this effort, will encourage other business operators to play their part."

Glitzkoin has in the past organized multiple charity events in Malaysia and India. Navneet Goenka was also involved in the organization of a special awareness program, on the 'World Diabetes Day' in Malaysia. An event in rural India, provided books and food to hundreds of needy school children. Another Glitzkoin charity event in the bustling city of Mumbai (India), provided food, groceries, towels and other daily use items to an orphanage.

Navneet Goenka admits that the pandemic, slowed down Glitzkoin charity activities. He says that, "… travel restrictions, quarantine requirements and a paucity of direct flights … were some of the challenges. The health crisis seems to be easing and this prompted us to continue our activities. We hope to achieve our target of distributing 50,000 meals in Thailand even if, the time frame needs to be stretched."

The Glitzkoin project launched the multifaceted Glitzkoin GTN token and the DiaEx diamond trading platform with crypto payments. The Project continues to develop usage cases for the Glitzkoin GTN crypto. While making a start with the diamond industry, Glitzkoin aims to cover a wide range of businesses and industries. The objective is to have these business houses, accept the Glitzkoin GTN token as a mode of payment.

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