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Back In Pursuit - India's first English solo & indie hip-hop album

Shan Emcee's debut album 'Back in Pursuit' is out!

North to the south pole it's all just a same thing! Make money, get rich, get a life, die rich!

    BANGALORE, INDIA, February 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Three years of work appears to have taken life after crossing over some obstacles. Shan Emcee's debut album "Back in Pursuit" has been released on all major DSPs on February 25, 2022. Shan Emcee's relationship with hip-hop is slightly different, he thinks he can use it as a medium to send out the messages to the world to achieve equality between people of various religions and ethnics. One can see his early attempt on the outro track "Divided By Equals". However, the start has to be on the ground level. At first, he would like to put India into world class hip-hop music lane and build a bridge between the cultures.

In collaboration with producer 19Ninety4, Shan Emcee worked out to bring some new hip-hop vibes with conscious content. The producer claims it is the first English hip-hop solo & indie album to release from India. The album is now available for streaming on major streaming services - Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Pandora, Deezer and more.

'Back In Pursuit' track list:
01. Intro
02. Nightmares
03. Rivals Ain't Friends
04. Authenticity (Skit)
05. Rotten Nerves
06. Thirsty For?
07. Selfishness (Skit)
08. HiB
09. No Regards
10. Unknown Changes
11. Blind Chase (Skit)
12. Divided By Equals (Outro)

The producer 19Ninety4 and the artist Shan Emcee who has performed and written the songs are both from Karnataka, India. And this is their first big step into the music universe. In collaboration with each other, they have produced a single and an EP 'Pit of Death' earlier in 2018 & 2019 respectively.

About Shan Emcee

Shant Kumar Ramtirth (born April 25, 1994), known as Shan Emcee, is an Indian English hip-hop and contemporary R&B artist & a songwriter. In the year 2018, Shan Emcee has begun his music production by signing up with producer 19Ninety4. Shan Emcee aims to achieve equality and build bridges between cultures through his music.

Quotes from Shan Emcee:

"North to the south pole it's all just a same thing! Make money, get rich, get a life, die rich!"

"Inequality is a burning snake running through our intestine! One day we will learn to digest it!"

Who is 19Ninety4?

Ravindra PrabhuRao Ghodi (born May 04, 1995), known professionally as Nineteen Ninety-Four (often stylized as 19Ninety4), is an Indian record producer. He is best known for producing RAP, Trap, Drill & old school hip-hop beats. In the year 2017, he has started producing beats for several artists and ended up collaborating with Shan Emcee producing an EP 'Pit of death' and an album 'Back in Pursuit'.

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