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Which of These 6 Learning Power-Ups Do You Have?

Global business educator Catherine Mattiske, author of "Unlock Your Inner Genius," explains the inherent abilities we each possess that, when tapped, boost our ability to learn

A Power-Up is an inherent ability we each possess that, when tapped, boosts our ability to learn, says Catherine Mattiske, global business educator and author of the "Inner Genius" book and e-suite.

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, February 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- All of us have a Learning Power-Up. What's yours?

A Power-Up is an inherent ability we each possess that, when tapped, boosts our ability to learn, says Catherine Mattiske, global business educator and author of the "Inner Genius" book and e-suite, providing individuals with a personalized blueprint for optimal communication.

Catherine shares the 6 Learning Power-Ups and key questions that teachers, team leaders and instructors can ask to tap into and unlock the learning, listening, and creative spark of the people who possess them.

The 6 Learning Power-Ups

Independent - You would prefer to be a soloist than in a chorus line. You excel under your own steam and enjoy autonomy. You engage in solo activities, and are very happy being alone. You like hobbies that are solo (meditation, writing, cooking, etc). You prefer to get your own thoughts in order first before going to team meetings.
• Key Question - "From what we are going to learn / have learned, what resonates with you?"

Collaborative - You thrive in a group. You draw energy from connecting with people to share ideas, enjoy the company, and evolve the world around you. You achieve results with others. You share knowledge and ability. You enjoy networking.
• Key Question - "How could you work with other people to get you going / meet your goal / get your problem solved?"

Linguistic - You use the art of language to craft and express your inner passions and prowess. Words and how you arrange them are your gift to those around you. You are fueled by the written word and spoken language. You are comfortable speaking in a group or public speaking, and may speak multiple languages.
• Key Question - "Can you describe in detail the situation / problem / opportunity?"

Number-Crunch - You are analytical, considered, and hold the world around you to account. You are a mathematical worker who analyses facts, data, and information. Numbers fuel your life, and you are rigorously precise.
• Key Question - "Tell me about a time when you were able to develop a different problem-solving approach. How could that relate to what you are working on / going through now?"

Classify - "A place for everything and everything in its place." You like order and structure. Things can be fun or unexpected, but they need to be sensible and sorted. You find relationships between the most disparate things. You make connections between random ideas. You characterize people / things by listing their qualities.
• Key Question - "What's a way that you can take what you are doing now and put it into a new order that makes sense? How can you take this part and analyze each part? And, then, how can you put it together in a new way?"

Rhythmic - You have a toe-tapping tempo about you. You like to get moving and keep moving. Things make sense to you when they have a rhythmic flow or sequence to them. You express yourself via music and beat. You write rhythmically, with sentences that are well-structured. You actively engage with music.
• Key Question: "What sounds best to you?"

Catherine says that when you tap into your Power-Up, "you'll activate and energize your learning to stratospheric heights!"

About Catherine Mattiske: Global business educator and author Catherine Mattiske is the founder of TPC — The Performance Company, a leading training and consulting organization that has worked with Fortune 100 companies around the world. Established in 1994, The Performance Company has offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, London, Singapore, and Basel (Switzerland). The author of more than 30 books, her latest is "Unlock Inner Genius: Power Your Path to Extraordinary Success" (September 2021). Learn more at

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