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GleeNet with its Patent Applications Completed, Now Only Full-Scale Development Remains

A new concept platform different from the Metaverse, Connection via live cast, building a UX/UI environment that gives the presence of collective actions, Towards the inspiring technology

"Rather than just watching content, they will have the presence of doing collective actions together as if they were playing an online game"

    SEATTLE, WA, March 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- U.S. startup GleeNet, which is preparing a new concept platform that connects people from all over the world with the same interests, based on cultural event venues or travel destinations, has applied for U.S. and international patents. GleeNet's Founder, Minha Kim, announced that she applied for a patent on space (place)-based social media with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on February 23 and completed the international patent (PCT) application on the 24th the next day.

Space-based social media, unlike existing social media that connects users based on individual social pages, connect like-minded people by allowing them to gather on social pages of places where cultural events are held such as museums, galleries, concert halls, and stadiums, or various travel destinations. It is a new type of portal with various types of communication activities.

"It was already planned in 2015, but people at the time did not understand space-based social media. It is only after the recent appearance of the Metaverse that they understand it little by little, but space-based social media is a platform on a different level from that of the Metaverse," Kim said. "If on-site users live-cast the event using their mobile phone or wearable camera, other users on the other side of the world will have the same experience, but even can use smart mirroring technology to synchronize the content on their mobile phone with the TV for a more immersive enjoyment," she adds. Cohesive communication and immersive enjoyment and experience based on the shared interests all come from the concept of space-based.

The core of space (place)-based social media is the implementation of a three-dimensional UX/UI. "We want to build an environment where users who are connected to the same space feel that they are in one space, and rather than just watching content, that they do collective actions together as if they were playing an online game," Kim said.

The effect of space (place)-based social media developed in this way will be enormous. Not only does the amount of content generated by users increase exponentially, but also tourist destinations and cultural spaces in geographic locations that have received little attention in the past can have an opportunity to emerge as mainstream culture. "The impressive technology that GleeNet has advocated so far is to realize the emotions of art through technology based on the central axis of good value creation," says Kim.

GleeNet, a startup based in Seattle, USA, was founded by a former professor of journalism and communication, and envisions a humanistic network that preserves human's creative thinking and free will, eventually leading to solutions for various social issues. The company attempts to build a system for interactive place-based experiences to connect like-minded people.

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