All Press Releases for March 03, 2022

Wheeler: Biden's State Of The Union Fails To Offer Real Solutions

Biden Needs A Course Correction Not A Double Down

"In little over a year, Joe Biden has brought back the 1970s, inflation, empty shelves at the grocery store, crippling gas prices" Greg Wheeler

    AKRON, OH, March 03, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Ohio Attorney and Accountant, Greg Wheeler, Republican candidate for for Ohio's Thirteenth Congressional District challenged Joe Biden's State of the Union Address as failing to offer solutions to the critical challenges America is facing due to Biden's failed policies. While he was glad that Biden acknowledged the problem of inflation, Wheeler noted he failed to offer real solutions for it. Biden proposed more of the same with increased government spending. Wheeler pointed out that what we need is less government and spending to begin to start tackling inflation. Wheeler noted that the war in Ukraine that is affecting Americans at the gas pumps is another result of Biden's failed policies. Wheeler had hoped that Biden would offer a course correction and assume responsibility for the challenges America is confronting, but as usual he failed to do so.

"In little over a year, Joe Biden has brought back the 1970s, inflation, empty shelves at the grocery store, crippling gas prices, and Russia invading other nations, and all Joe Biden offers is more of the same," said Greg Wheeler. "Rather than cut back on government spending and encourage American entrepreneurism, Biden offers a continuation of the far left agenda that got us into this mess. His speech was tailored for the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's of the world, not the hardworking people of the 13th District who are bearing the cost of his failed policies. We need less government not more. Inflation is the greatest domestic danger facing this nation, and sadly Joe Biden seems oblivious on how to tackle it.

"President Zelinsky asked for a useful State of the Union address, expecting the rhetoric and strength of a JFK or Ronald Reagan, and sadly all he got was Joe Biden's whisper," continued Wheeler "Joe Biden said we were prepared for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. If this was preparedness, he must think Pearl Harbor was an American victory. The truth is weak foreign policies that culminated with Afghanistan only encouraged Putin to invade Ukraine. Joe Biden took a backseat as Ukraine stood up to the Russian aggressor. It was our European allies who led the charge to punish Russia. The backseat is never the place for the American President in the face of evil as we are seeing play out in real time.

"And Joe Biden could shut down the Russian war machine by ending purchases of Russian oil and flooding the world markets with our oil, this would bankrupt Russia and also bring relief to the American consumer," concluded Wheeler. "Yet Biden won't because he is afraid of alienating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal. America and the world needs a leader not Joe Biden."

About Greg Wheeler

Greg Wheeler is a lifelong resident of Ohio. Before becoming an attorney, Wheeler worked in the real estate, entertainment, and aviation industries. His company was featured on the television show Shark Tank in 2014. He has spent years working with churches and community organizations within the district. Since he was 4 years old, Wheeler has studied martial arts. He is a blackbelt in Taekwondo and Judo and has competed at a national level. He is an 11-year member of the Knights of Columbus and has served as a bike patrol volunteer for Summit Metro Parks before law school. While in law school, Greg volunteered extensively with the expungement clinic, CQE clinic, and other organizations to provide legal aid for those most in need.

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